Healthy breakfast

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A healthy and balanced breakfast is very important for a successful day and a nice well-being. I prefer to eat oat porridge with dried apricots or plums. But sometimes it´s very boring to eat the same meal every day. In this case I cook an “oat cake”. The best thing about it is that this cake can be cooked within minutes, tastes very good and is very healthy (as it contains iron, fibers and much more).

For the cake we need 150 gramm oat flakes, one banana, one egg, one tablespoon cocoa, one tablespoon milk, two tablespoons water, some dried cranberries (or other dried berries to your liking) and one teespoon protein powder (again, if you like it or you train regularly and want to adjust your breakfast to your life style).

Haferflocken Zubereitung

We squeeze the banana with a fork in a container which is microwave suitable. Put the oats, the egg and the rest from the list above to the banana puree and swirl it all together. When you get an even mass, just put the container in the microwave for 5 minutes. The cake is ready.

You can serve it with some fresh berries. I prefer fresh strawberries and raspberries, but it´s up to you. You will be surprised how tasty this easy cake can be. Even my dad, who actually hates oat flakes, ate the whole cake and loved it.


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