Highlight & contour pro palette by Nyx – review

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Nyx pro palette main

Nowadays everyone knows what the contouring is. Almost every one of us has more than just one bronzer in the make-up collection. I tried so many bronzers and correctors but I purchase the new ones nonetheless because I hope to find something that is even better than the stuff that I already have. This time I discovered the highlighter & contour pro-palette by #Nyx. Well, it looked really nice and I found it great to purchase so many products in one at once.

Nyx pro palette colors

The pro-palette by Nyx consists of for different bronzers/correctors, two highlighters and two powders (banana yellow and the white one). All these products can be purchased just for 19 EUR.

I have to say that I love this palette. The quality of each product is really nice. They all can be applied very easily and last during the day. It doesn’t matter, whether you have a faire complexion or a darker one. This palette will match to all skin complexions. There are shades that are just perfect for the contouring, the others will create a nice “sun kissed” complexion.

As for the highlighter, there are two different ones in the palette. The first one creates a strong mother-of-pearl glow and the second one will give you a nice moderate golden glow.

Nyx pro palette swatch 1

Nyx pro palette swatch 2


The pro-palette by Nyx is a good alternative to many expensive products. One can purchase 8 different products for just 19 EUR. I can recommend this palette to all girls who cannot buy an expensive bronzer or a highlighter. It will be a nice product for every make-up beginner as well. With this palette you will be able to contour and highlight your face in a nice way.

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