Highlighter Naked Illuminated by Urban Decay – review


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The perfect highlighter nr. 3 has been found. To be honest, I couldn’t even expect that I would like anything so much. I fell in love with the highlighter by Urban Decay in the shade “Aura”. If you want to know what my favorite highlighters nr. 1 and 2 are, you can find them here and here.

This highlighter is one of the three shades in the line “Naked Illuminаted”. Actually, I’m all about the Champaign shades but I liked the “Aura”, which has a rose shade, at first sight. I purchased it immediately and couldn´t wait to try it out at home.


The package of the product is very beautiful and qualitative. The best thing about this highlighter is that it´s quite big so that you can use it not only on the face but also on the body and don´t be afraid that you´ll run out of it too soon. Using it on your body will give you a beautiful glow which looks brilliant in the sun or in the club. This highlighter contains tiny shimmer particles which make your skin look gorgeous.



I can say just as much as this highlighter is worth the buy. The “aura” by Urban Decay is a nice product for all who loves an extra potion of glow. But if you don´t like shimmer particles in a highlighter, this probably won´t be your favorite product.


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