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Recently, I tested some skincare products by the brand AHAVA and want to share my experiences with you. In this review, you will find my personal hits and misses of the brand. Unfortunately, not all products suited my skin the best way. From three skincare products, two could impress me pretty much. Let´s talk in detail about every one of them.

Facial Mud Exfoliator

This product is a big miss for me. Though I have a sensitive skin, I decided to try this exfoliator because it was supposed to suit dry and sensitive skin. It was also supposed to be a gentle product which would exfoliate the skin in a natural way. There are not so many exfoliating particles in the product, still, it caused redness on my face. I didn´t even press too hard and got irritated skin. It turned out to be aggressive for a sensitive skin which is why I won´t use it anymore. This was my last try to find a physical peeling for my skin. They all just don´t work on it. I made much better experiences with the chemical ones. The best thing about the chemical peelings is that you can leave them on your skin as long as you want, depending on the type of your skin and your feelings. This exfoliator though could be your product in case you have a combination or oily skin.

Precious Desert Oils

This product is my absolute hit. I barely tried anything better than this body oil. I have a dry skin and use body oils quite often. They nourish and hydrate it deeply. This body oil impressed me with its great natural ingredients and absolutely amazing results. Additionally, I love the way it smells. Compared to many other body oils this one is absorbed very quickly. It´s very light-weighted which makes it practical even in summer. I apply it in the evening and my skin smells amazing even on the next morning. Although the product isn´t the cheapest one, I will definitely repurchase it. I love it!

Gentle Body Exfoliator

A good body peeling belongs to my must-haves. I peel my body regularly to have a nice and smooth skin. I picked the “gentle body exfoliator” because it is very gentle to the skin and contains the Dead Sea mud. I´ve already used it several times and love the SPA feeling it provides me with. My skin really feels much softer and all dead skin cells are removed very gently, still, very effectively. The only thing I need to mention is the weird smell of the product. You can definitely smell the mud in the product. Though it´s not my favorite aroma, I enjoy using it because the smell disappears immediately after I wash it off my skin. Still, if you like active exfoliators with a lot of exfoliating particles, this one will probably be too gentle for you. For all who have a dry skin like myself, it will be a great experience.



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