How a good thing was turned into great hype

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Hi, beauties! Actually, I planned on writing something completely different in today´s post, but the moment I opened my Instagram some days ago and saw what was happening there, I had to write this post. Frankly, there are two qualities in people that I truly detest. For one thing, it’s stupidity. I’m really allergic to stupid people and unfortunately every day I see how some people fall deeper and deeper. The worst of it is the fact that people who possess no knowledge or critical thinking propagate their destructive, stupid, and disabled personal wisdom to their followers on social media. On the other hand, the urge of catching hype out of everything nowadays is just as awful. Trying to get more audience and attention at any cost people don´t see what is normal and appropriate anymore. Unfortunately, the same happened with the recent idea of equality and respect that which was turned into another hype thing. Many people don’t even understand what it´s all about. For them, it´s just like adding a cool hashtag and enjoy going with the flow.



You don’t set a message by posting a picture on Instagram

Of course, the news of the murder of an African American in the United States did not get past me, although I don’t watch TV. I heard of demonstrations too. But when I opened my Instagram last Tuesday, I was flabbergasted because there were only black squares on my timeline. It turned out that there was a kind of online flash mob, a social media protest if you will. Honestly, Insta has a lot of weird things going on, but I find it pretty poor to make hype or kind of a challenge out of this topic. Is that how you set your message into the world? Is it a social message at all? In my eyes, it is nothing more than hype or a one-day trend. Many people did not even understand what it´s about, but if everyone does this thing then everybody and their dog also have to. Why can’t you just change something in your mindset if it is necessary without a hashtag or big words or giving a show?


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Our actions do much more than our words! Unfortunately, the words are mostly used nowadays. When the social media trends are over, there is nothing left but great written posts that hardly change anything in real life.

It doesn’t have to escalate in any way so that we can finally understand that each of us deserves respect, love, and friendliness. Respect does not start with a hashtag, but the moment you treat others the way you want others to treat you.




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