How can putting pressure on youself be good for you?

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The new year has officially begun and we already could feel and live its first days. The first days of every new year are needed to get used to it. As for me, I have some difficulties writing the correct date because the first two or three weeks I put the wrong year in every email or letter. The end of the year for almost every blogger means writing posts with the new year´s resolutions or just with some important conclusions of the year. I am not an exception, I also wrote a post with my personal resolutions. Actually, I used to do it annually on paper, but this time I decided to do it on my blog and make it public. The reason for it is quite simple, I just wanted to put myself under pressure. And here comes the topic of my today´s post – pressure. Recently, I read a blog post by a nice blogger where she had suggested that resolutions and plans of different kinds could do nothing but stress your life and put you under unhealthy pressure. I had to consider this thesis for a while, whether planning of my life could be harmful and do nothing good?





After having thought about that, I came to the following conclusion: yes, planning could be very stressful but it doesn’t mean that it´s automatically bad. Stress is a natural reaction of the body to every unknown situation. Every time you do something new, you leave your comfort zone and that means that your body experiences it as a more or less stressful situation. So, some sort of stress is necessary in order to improve and develop oneself further. To be honest, I am the last person in the world to leave my comfort zone but nonetheless, I do it quite often. I remember all the things which scared me to death and I thought I would never do them. But I worked on many of them a lot and succeeded. The beginning of almost every issue I succeeded in, was stressful and terrifying at first.





With this post, I just want to say that sometimes it could be even good or necessary to put oneself under pressure to achieve new goals. Of course, first of all one should have realistic resolutions and plans for the future. People who write 30 resolutions most probably won´t succeed in any, just because they will be overwhelmed with all the issues during the first two or three weeks of the new year. Write down only the most important things for you and begin to work on them. One says: “you can´t do something out of nothing” and it´s true. One can achieve his goal only through a systematic and constant work. So, if you want to have a nice body, go to the gym, if you want to learn a foreign language, practice and learn it regularly, if you want to read more, just put a book near your bed and switch the TV off.



As for me, I definitely need a kind of pressure to achieve my goals. I put pressure on myself making resolutions and planning regularly. I just think that one shouldn’t look for excuses and find time for important things or wishes, be that reading, sports, a dance course or a foreign language.

This post shouldn´t discourage you or sound way too hard. Writing it, I just wanted to remind myself too that constant work is necessary for success, though it could be stressful and sometimes even exhausting.



P.S.  The dress for today´s outfit is one of my favorite pieces at the moment. I purchased it while looking for a nice and warm sweater. But when a girl finds a dress which fits her perfectly, she won´t say no to it.


I´m wearing:

Dress by Tommy Hilfiger, here

Ankle boots by Bronx, here

Fedora hat by Diefenthal, here

Earrings by Orquidea Majorca, similar here

Parka by SheIn, here        


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      3. February 2017 / 12:18

      Thank you so much, Chloe!!!! :****

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