How did Instagram change? Main issues and problems

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For sure, almost everyone has an Instagram profile and uses it regularly. For some of us, it´s only a nice hobby to see all the news and uploads by friends and family members. Others use Instagram as a kind of inspiration for fashion, lifestyle, living, travel, and more. For bloggers like myself, Instagram is a virtual place where we can do all the things mentioned previously, share our creativity, work, and have a contact with other bloggers from all over the world. Though, changes in Instagram which had been made one year ago almost ruined this nice social media platform. Earlier, many Instagram users shared their negativity and anger concerning these changes and the things which got seriously worse. All this time, I tried to understand how the new Instagram should work and how I could make it work for my account. Unfortunately, the platform I used to love so much isn´t the same anymore. I am so frustrated about it that some time ago I almost deactivated my account. At first, I wasn´t sure, whether I want to write this post, but then I decided to mention the things that disappoint me the most. Maybe, you also faced them using the platform.

No sign of the intelligent algorithm making the most interesting and important uploads more visible

Almost one year I tried to find a way to understand how this weird algorithm works and makes the uploads I want to see first more visible. I searched the Internet, read numerous articles and blog posts hoping to get it. I don´t know whether I have this issue alone, but it didn’t get any better or more convenient for me. It got very chaotic. All uploads of the persons I know or interact with, the pictures I like and comment should be seen by the algorithm as the most important ones. They all should be listed in my news. Still, all I see is a huge chaos. Pictures, I already liked and commented are shown over and over again on top. I can open the Instagram app many times a day and I again see these uploads. Still, many other pictures by my friends which are important for me remain unshown. I need to go straight to the profiles of these people and see new pictures. Often, there are three or four pictures that didn´t even show up in my news. Why should I see the pictures I already liked and commented on, when I don´t have any chance to see the other half of news which is no less important?



What is happening with the range on Instagram?

This issue gets many people troubled. The range is getting lower constantly. It doesn´t matter how much time you spend on Instagram liking and commenting every day. When you compare your range from last week and the range 3-4 months ago, you will see the difference. It happens because Instagram programmers want us to increase our time spent on the platform to remain the most used one. Even your followers don´t get your newest posts, or at least, not all of them. There are only two ways to struggle it, you spend more and more time interacting on Instagram or you pay Instagram to promote your account. It reminds me of numerous smartphone games you can download for free. There is always the same principle. You are allowed to play some levels to understand you enjoy the game. But coming to a certain level you cannot make it without paying for that. It´s only a question of time when you purchase some extra lives or extra features to get further. The same thing seems to happen with the platform.



Promotion – yay or nay?

All influencers, bloggers, Instagram stores and so on have business accounts to see their statistics and of course, to be able to promote their work. The idea of paid promotions is great but it also changed. I changed my account into a business one only because I wanted to try how such a promotion works and what results it could bring. Having my first picture promoted I was positively surprised. After that, I decided to make such promotion regularly. My biggest result was almost 5000 likes which was so much to me. Unfortunately, now I cannot get the results I used to, spending just a couple of bucks. To get many likes and visits on my account, I need to pay more. Well, maybe it´s quite ok for big companies, brands, and famous influencers, but what about those who cannot spend hundreds of dollars each month for such promotions?


I miss the old Instagram

Instagram was my favorite social media platform because I could find everything I like in just one place. I could find new interesting, creative and talented people. I started following someone just because I liked what his or her account was about. If these people would follow me back, I would know that they like what I´ve been doing. Today, creative people who make their Instagram accounts barely have any chance to be seen and found. Now everyone wants to be an influencer and have many followers. People start following you and if you don´t follow back, many of them just click the “unfollow” button. In fact, they are not even interested in what your account is about. Am I the only person who misses the original purpose of Instagram, the creativity of people and not thousands of online stores and individuals who are ready to promote every kind of shit hoping to go big.


Last but not least: the outfit

To end of my today´s post a little bit more positive, let´s talk about my today´s style. Many people associate cocktail dresses with special occasions and are sure that they cannot be worn as a part of the daily outfit. I don´t think so. There are many cocktail dresses you can downstyle for a day outfit when you want to wear something feminine and elegant. I decided for a red cocktail dress (yes, the color of the season). I combined it with the second fall trend, namely black sock-overknees. But how can you downstyle such an outfit? It´s simple, all you need is a neutral but elegant blazer, a trenchcoat or a coat. A classic beige trenchcoat is a real magic wand because it makes simple casual outfits look more elegant and stylish and festive dresses more neutral. Wearing such a dress with a trenchcoat will make the whole outfit look elegant but not overdressed. Additionally, you can roll up the sleeves which will look even more casual. My outfit also proves that you definitely can wear two or more trendy pieces in one outfit.


I´m wearing: trenchcoat by Esprit, similar here, here, and here / dress by Karen Millen / overknees by Buffalo / earrings by Joid´Art Barcelona / bag by Accessories /



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Did you notice Instagram changes? How do you deal with them? 

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    The colour of your jacket is so fall! love it so much!
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