How fast and drastically life can change

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Hi, beauties! I think, we all had enough of the cold and gray winter and can barely wait until the real spring arrives. That´s why I decided that today is gonna be the last winter outfit on my blog. Starting with the next week, I´m gonna concentrate on something more spring-ish. Though one thing must be said. The blanket-coat I´m wearing on the pics for this post is one of the best purchases of the whole season. It was a super spontaneous one and since then I´d been wearing it nonstop. What did keep you warm during winter?

Life changes: from good to worse

The topic “corona” is number one – absolutely everywhere. The virus got in almost all countries and already affected our life drastically. Well, I don’t want to be the one who suggests that the coronavirus isn´t that dangerous as it´s supposed to be. Still, to be in panic never helped anybody and will never do. People are literally going nuts in Germany and that´s almost worse than the virus itself. Instead of getting facts and proven information they do panic buying, make face masks of the toilet paper (oh, my gosh! This can´t be true but it is!) and spread the seeds of panic. This is so typical for our society. At first, people give a sh..t about anything and then, carry their fear way too far. Now it seems like my trip to Russia in May and the rock festival are also in danger which is very sad.

Still, this kind of extreme situation seems to have little silver linings (if you will). It´s so empty and cozy everywhere. Even my gym is super empty so that I can do whatever I want without stalking a machine I need. This week we went to Amsterdam and I swear, I´ve never seen this city so empty before. I kinda liked it because I could walk around and enjoy this calm atmosphere.

I´m wearing: coat by Stradivarius / jeans by Na-Kd / boots by Dr. Martens / sunnies by Celine /

Are there any special instructions to keep safe? Well, luckily, my parents taught me to wash my hands regularly and stand away from all the things way too many people touch. In case when it´s not possible, I always have a sanitizer with me. I also use sanitizer sheets before and after I use anything in the gym. I always did it but now I´m twice as cautious. That´s it. I also have a face mask in my bag, but I never used it and I hope that I´ll never have to.

Keep healthy and safe! I hope this whole situation will disappear pretty soon. In the end, we all want to have a splendid spring and summer, right?


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