How to create qualitative and interesting texts and captions for your blog, instagram and Co.

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It doesn´t matter, whether you have a blog, an Instagram account or you write texts as your hobby, sometimes it´s quite complicated to create a good and qualitative text. Though, there are some useful techniques which can come very handy in case you are stuck in the writer´s block or just want to use your inspiration and your timing to the max. Today, I summoned up a few of them which help me a lot when I write my posts, captions or articles. So, let´s find out how to write great captions, texts and much more in time and use your whole potential.

Always write down new ideas

Though this tip is so simple and obvious, it´s still used very seldom. The main reason for it is the fact that too many people overestimate their ability to remember things. For sure, everyone of us had such moments. The moment you get a great idea you are sure that you can keep it in mind. But even if you have a great memory, mostly, such ideas just slip away and the only thing you remember some hours later is that you had a great idea which you can´t remember any more. This is why you should write down every new idea or an interesting thought every time you get one. I personally have a separate notebook for such creative things. I write down everything concerning the content of my blog, Instagram, YouTube channel in this notebook. I put it into sections, so that I can separate new ideas and the schedule for the future blog posts. Additionally, it´s quite useful to make your schedule using a pencil. My schedule is constantly changing because of my collabs and new products I decide to post earlier and many other things. Writing all the details with a pencil makes it very easy to remove and replace leaving this important section clean and clear instead of crossing out the wrong ones or making additional arrows and other marks to change or enhance your schedule. This useful habit of writing all new ideas down will make so many things much easier.

Find the right flow and get started

Everyone who writes texts of any kind know too well what the writer´s block is. You just sit in front of your laptop without being able to write down any qualitative sentence or even without having any idea what you should write about. If it´s your hobby or you have enough time for completing your text, it´s ok. But what if you are under time pressure or have to publish your article at a certain time? The worst thing to do in such situation is trying to write a text no matter what. The more you´ll be on it without any flow, the more you´ll get upset, angry, and devastated. Speaking of my own experience, I can tell you that I always try to plan my publications and Instagram feeds in advance. Usually, I prepare my Instagram feeds least five days in advance. Sometimes, it´s not that easy because I need a good caption for every picture. Yes, I keep my Instagram not only visually attractive, but I also try to have good and useful captions as I love to motivate and cheer up people on their way to self-love and on their way of chasing their dreams too. That´s why it takes its time to get all the feeds done in a qualitative way. Of course, sometimes I also get those moments when I absolutely have no ideas what to write about. In such situations I take a short break because I know, staring at the smartphone won´t bring me any further. All I do is waiting for the actual flow of creativity. When you feel like new ideas are coming, sit down and simply get started to note everything. On good days, I can prepare five feeds in three languages within an hour. I just write down everything what the flow of creativity gives me at that particular moment. The same thing is pretty much applicable to your blog and every social media platform you actively use. Feel the flow of creativity and you will be able to do so many things in advance.


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Don´t stress out yourself

I know this pressure way too well. A huge desire to create a qualitative and good text can push you too hard so that you completely lose your creativity. The time goes by and the Word document remains empty. Though it sounds rather standard, such things happen every now and then and it’s absolutely normal to have writer´s blocks. Still, the worst thing to do is pushing yourself to complete creative work when you absolutely don’t feel like it. Another example from my own experience as a full-time blogger. I also had such difficult situations when I didn´t even know how to put my thoughts into words until the day of the publication. The moment you think that it´s over and you are not able to create something good and qualitative, you get struck by the flash of creativity. I had situations when I prepared important articles and posts just hours before the actual deadline. The thing is that you always get the real flow the moment you need it. Just try to not stress out way too much and ease that pressure.

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Even a writer´s block can be used in a productive way

Even those days when you can´t write anything significant or even worse, the days when you have the worst nightmare for all creative writers, the so-called writer´s block, can be used in a productive way. All you need to do is sitting down and writing all the things, thoughts, and ideas which are floating in your head down. You should note absolutely everything, even the things which you think may be insignificant. For sure, there will be many ideas you won´t use but you’ll be very surprised to find a few of them which are amazing ideas for your future postings. Such kind of brainstorming always helps to come across absolutely new ideas and topics and widen your creative horizon.

What techniques help you while doing creative work? Why do you prepare your blog posts and Instagram captions?     



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