How to find your perfect beige suit for spring/summer 2019

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Hi, beauties! Finally, the temperatures go straight up and all the trends which have been hiding in the wardrobe can be turned into stylish outfits. One of the hottest fashion trends of the spring/summer 2019 is the beige suit trend. I personally think that it´s a must-have out of the numerous trends because it definitely will be your devoted friend the whole season long and you actually don´t necessarily need to style the hell out of it to make a great and stylish outfit. It´s just already there. A beige suit is much more neutral than a white one and still, you can do so much with it. It´s so simple to up and down style it, depending on what you need and what purposes your outfit should meet. So, if you still don´t have a beige suit, it´s high time to get one. Here are some things you should know to find your perfect beige suit.

This is how you find your perfect beige blazer

The perfect blazer not only should sit perfectly but also go with the fashion flow. That’s why your favorite suit which has been bought seven years ago won´t do you any favor while creating stylish and trendy outfits. In that case, you should go shopping as fast as you can. Shopping a beige suit for the spring/summer 2019 you need to mark some significant features. If you want to jump on the real bandwagon, stick to a super oversized suit in a man-like style. Such a suit should really look like you just borrowed it from your boyfriend. Though I know that not everyone is such a daring nature and some girls even feel way too uncomfortable in voluminous oversized pieces. If it´s about you, your choice should be a normal classic blazer with a length going until the butt and pants which would make the main accent of the look. They can be broad and long or just cute culottes. It´s all up to you. Still, even such neutral and classy blazers are looking more casual now as they used to. My today´s blazer is a great example of what I mean. Additionally, it´s great when such blazers made of some comfy and soft material like wool. This would get them away from a boring business clothes touch.

What makes the color beige so special?

Though the color beige belongs to one of the most neutral colors at all, it still can give so many ways to make an outfit to impress. Adding some new details, you will always get a different and unique look. Sure, the minimalism while wearing beige and white suits is super trendy at the moment, but even if you´re not a so minimalistic person, you can still try out whatever details you want to add to your suit and it will look amazing. Additionally, a suit can always be split and worn separately, giving you even more ways to style it.


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One of the trendiest street-style combinations based on a beige suit

A beige suit paired with white chunky sneakers makes a dope outfit in the best traditions of the street-style. It doesn´t even matter whether you decide for long and broad palazzo pants or for cool and comfy culottes, white sneakers will give every suit just the right touch of casual coolness. Speaking of my today´s outfit, I fell in love with this suit by Massimo Dutti just the moment I saw it in the shop window. I couldn´t resist and purchased it after having seen it for a week or two almost every day. The suit sits just perfectly, and it feels so soft and comfy on the skin.  I decided to round it up with my current fave sneakers by Fila. By the way, choosing high-waisted pants, you can totally wear them with crop tops without showing too much skin. I also picked up the white crop top for my outfit. To make it really simple, I only put a few accessories to it, a saddlebag with a snakeskin print and cute shell earrings. It´s kind of a minimalistic outfit in the DBK Stylez view 😊.

I´m wearing: suit by Massimo Dutti / sneakers by Fila / Tasche von Missguided / Ohrringe von Stradivarius / Kette von /

Lieben Gruß,

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  1. 26. April 2019 / 5:20

    Oh my goodness, I love how you made this outfit look so sporty and relaxed. I’m really loving this look on you!

    x oLgoan

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