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It doesn´t matter, whether we like the fall season or not, it´s already here and all we have to do is going through. For some of us, this season is a time o creativity, coziness, and romance. For the others, it´s time when we don´t have energy and creativity just don´t last too long. To me, it´s not so easy to be as creative and productive as always during cold seasons. Still, I have some tricks up my sleeves which help me when I don´t feel like being creative. So, how to find new ideas, push your creativity flow, get away from your creativity-block? Let´s dig right in.

Never push yourself to be creative

It´s a huge problem for all perfectionists out there. The moment you understand that the day is a creative disaster, you probably get so frustrated that you even may fall into a light depression. Just imagine, you´ve been sitting on a writing work for hours and in the end, you still have an empty word document. You want to take some photos for your blog, Instagram or what ever and you can´t get even one good-looking picture. The last and easiest example, you´ve been staying at your wardrobe for a while to style a great outfit but all you finally get is your go-to jeans and a plain t-shirt. I´m pretty sure that such things are familiar for you too. For sure, it´s very frustrating but such days happen to everybody and it´s normal. If you experience something like this, never try to push yourself to be creative. You´ll just loos your time and nerves, but the things won´t be done. Such days are given to us to switch off our mental tension and get away from this stress for a bit. Experiencing it, start cleaning your apartment, go for a walk or to the gym. Such activities let you escape your mental jail and you´ll see that new ideas will come spontaneously by themselves. I had such days in my life and I know that switching off really helps.

Look through magazines and news related to the needed topic

I only look for interesting news and magazines avoiding Instagram and Pinterest. The main reason is that these social media platforms mostly go straight to the topic and don´t let you enough information to create your own point of view. Mostly, Instagram and Pinterest posts are the results of the news. This is why I wouldn´t recommend you use them as your source of creativity. Doing it, you risk to “copy-paste” things. News and magazines related to the topic of your blog or just to your personal interests will give you food for thought and you´ll get inspired to write your opinion, statement or a point of view. Such categories as fashion, beauty or lifestyle also have many things going on in the industry. Stay tuned and you´ll get hundreds of topics every day.

Use the nature for a better inspiration

Not for nothing was the nature the best inspiration source for various artists at different times. To tank creativity, you should take a walk or spend a few days somewhere among nature. For sure, if you live in a big city, finding such a place won´t be easy. It also can be expensive, and you may not have enough time. My trick doesn’t need any of this. Though it might seem kind of a weird, but it really helps me. I simply search on the internet all the beautiful places in the world that inspire me. In the fall, there are maple trees. I practically can admire colorful spots of maple trees in the woods for hours. Pumpkins, orange and yellow fruits of the season can all awake inspiration. Additionally, looking at the places you dream of, help you visualize it and your wishes will turn into reality for sure.

What helps you to het away from the fall blues and get on the creativity road again?

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