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Christmas is around the corner, if you still didn´t get presents for your family and friends, it´s high time to do it. But how to find the perfect Christmas gift? What should you purchase to please people and show them your love and affection? In today´s blog post I share with you some important points to find such gifts.

A present is not only an item you purchase, it´s the sign of your love and appreciation

Probably, it happened to all of us, when we got a present and noticed that it was something we wouldn´t even use. The only question at such moments is “why did he/she present it to me???”. In truth, such presents which were purchased in the last second are always recognizable to everyone. Unfortunately, such presents turned out to be a big problem nowadays. So many people don´t even care about what they pick as a present and don´t know what their family members and friends actually like. This is the reason why so many people want to bring back their Christmas gifts every year.


A present is something to show the people you love how much you care about them and that their interests are important to you as well. A good present always needs some time to be found. It´s important to think about what the person you are making the present to likes and is interested in. So, if your girlfriend, sister, or mother don´t use much makeup, they won´t like and use a nice eyeshadow palette, even if it will be something expensive like Urban Decay or MAC. If the person you are making a present to prefers floral perfumes, she won´t like the famous Chanel 5. Can you see what I mean? To find something the person is interested in is the main key to making the perfect present. In that case, such present will make people really happy instead of pretending they would love it.

What should I pick when I don´t know what he/she likes?

The best way to learn what he or she wants to get is speaking about wish-lists two or three months before Christmas. Of course, you should do it carefully so that the person doesn´t see you through. Avoid such straight questions like “Hey, what do you want to get for Christmas?”. In that case, everything you need to do is keeping it in mind and purchase one present from the wish-list. Sometimes there is not enough time to ask (especially, if you still don´t have any presents). The best thing to do in such situation is choosing something neutral most people use at home. Do you want to please a coffee lover? Go and get some new type of coffee or a stylish milk foamer for cappuccino. Are your friends passionate cookers? A new cooking book or a nice kitchen gadget will please them for sure. As a last-minute solution for a present, you can also purchase a gift card from the store he or she likes. Though many people say gift cards are the most unpersonal gift of all, I don´t think so. To me, it´s always better to give a person the opportunity to get something he or she wants instead of presenting something no one would ever use or wear. Let´s be honest, we all use some skincare or makeup products and constantly need anything we just run out of. With a gift card, e.g. at Sephora, it´s not a problem anymore.


What you shouldn´t buy for Christmas

Of course, we are all different and there is no Christmas gift to please anyone in the world, still, there are some presents that you shouldn´t buy at all. Probably, there are not too many people who want to get another pair of socks, pajamas, or a scratchy sweater. Interior decoration pieces also belong to tricky and complicated presents. Don´t purchase any little decoration pieces like vases, figures, and compositions because they will be stowed in the cellar or in the storage room for sure. I have a huge experience with such pieces because I have four boxes full of such presents. In fact, I like many of them, but I cannot put everything I have on the bookshelves or tables in my apartment. You can purchase such items only in case you are sure your friend or a family member wants this elephant or vase and nothing different. If you´re not sure, don´t buy it.

Fragrances belong to the top-ten Christmas gifts every year, still, they are also very complicated to choose. It’s not enough to know that the person who is supposed to get it likes fresh or citrus fragrances because every scent consists of many notes which make it unique. As for me, I like fresh and bloomy fragrances, but I hate the smell of Jasmin. Unfortunately, many bloomy scents do include this flower note. As you see, it can be risky to experiment with perfumes, so you can choose the all-time favorite of the person or buy something different.

To spend a great holiday and show your family and friends that you love them, you don´t need to buy extremely expensive Christmas gifts. All you need is paying attention to what the like and are interested in. This is the best way to make them happy.


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