How to survive autumn

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Hi, beauties! I wish I could write an inspirational blog post about how amazing autumn is and how much I love this season. The truth is that I hate it from the bottom of my heart. I try my best to make this time as cozy and comfortable for me as it´s possible, still, I wait every single day for spring and summer to come. Of course, in case if the weather is good, you can take long walks in parks, enjoy the beauty of bright leaves on the trees, and soft, golden light. This year though, the autumn is as crappy as never. It has been raining for weeks every single day with tiny interruptions. The sky has been gray and low and I didn´t feel like doing anything except lying in bed. That´s why I couldn´t even do anything I listed above. In fact, because of the weather, I only had three photo shootings for the future outfits on my blog. Well, if it´ll go this way further on, I will have to change the main focus of the blog and create water-based posts.

Hoping for better weather and feeling upset about all the time which had been really bad, I got an idea to make today´s post. In case you hate this season as much as I do, these tips will help you to survive during gray and rainy fall days.


Favorite shows and films always help

I am a huge fan of Netflix and late fall is the perfect time to get cozy on the couch while watching some new shows or just the favorite ones. There is plenty of new shows on Netflix at the moment, e.g. the second season of Elité and 13 reasons why. Now I´ve been watching the second season of the Italian show Baby which is also super exciting and unpredictable.

Sometimes there is just no time for a long show with several seasons and that´s when favorite films come in handy. In fall and winter, I like watching comedies which create a warm summer feeling like Blended, All-inclusive, Just go with it or We´re the Millers. Those films are perfect for a rainy and cold night. What films do you tend to watch in fall?


Shop the Look:


Viele Kerzen – überall

Ich muss sagen, dass ich Kerzen das ganze Jahr lang liebe und viel verwende. Allerdings brennen sie bei mir im Herbst und im Winter fast jeden Abend. Als Herbstdekos eignen sich kleine Teelichtbehälter in unterschiedlicher Form bestens. Um das schöne und warme Gefühl zu kreieren, sollten sie überall im Zimmer stehen. So habe ich drei Stück auf dem Tisch, auf den Fensterbänken und auf den Regalen im Wohnzimmer. Nicht selten begleiten mich ein paar auch mit ins Arbeitszimmer. Dabei platziere ich sie einfach auf meinem Arbeitstisch so, dass ich sie auch sehen kann, während ich am Computer arbeite. Im Herbst kann man so oft wie man will auch seiner Kreativität freien Lauf lassen und zusätzlich zu den Kerzen interessante Kompositionen zusammenstellen. Kreativität verbessert die Laune und genau das braucht man im Herbst mehr als alles andere.


Favorite scents

For me perfumes are the continuation of the outfits and the current mood. In fall I prefer warm and sensual scents to make me feel cozy and still reflect my personality. Such perfumes like “by the fireplace” by Maison Magiela, “roses musk” by Montale or “London” by Burberry are perfect for colder days.


Become a tea fan in fall

Statistically, people drink visibly more tea during fall and winter and I also belong to that statistics. It´s quite understandable because a cup of freshly made tea create a nice and pleasant warmth from within. I have so many different tea variations and enjoy this way of having that sort of tea that I want at the moment. The best thing is making a big tea pot and sipping the warm drink while working on laptop.

There is one significant thing to keep in mind though. For the best feeling of such a tea ceremony, don´t use pedestrian tea bags. They ruin the whole atmosphere. Instead, visit a professional tea shop and you´ll be surprised how many tea variations you can find and unusual and tasty a normal tea can actually be. My personal favorite tea at the moment is the “milky oolong”. The tea leaves are prepared with milk steam which gives such a unique flavor. You should try it yourselves!



I´m wearing: blazer by Zara / crop top by Missguided / skirt by Stradivarius / pumps by Bianca Di


More me time in fall

In fall everything gets slower and quieter. Bad weather and lack of the sun can definitely be faulted because they make us cozier and lazier. If it´s rainy outside, you´ll probably stay at home instead of going out or taking a long walk somewhere. Well, it´s perfect time to get some quality time with yourself. Take a relaxing bath, take care of your body, and apply some nourishing face masks. Our bodies desperately need all this during fall and winter.

Cuddling in a fluffy bath robe you can finally start reading a book you wanted for so long. Reading is such a great thing that lets you live different lives or simply get motivated to do something you postponed every single time. It doesn´t even matter what kind of books you prefer, romantic romans or something to get richer as a person or a professional, now you have time to finally take the needed book in your hands.


I hope those little tips of mine were useful for you and will help you to survive fall and winter. Share your fall rituals in the comment section!




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