How to wear a pleated skirt and choose the right length

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Pleated skirts look very feminine and pretty, don´t they? Two years ago, they became trendy again and this trend remains until now. You can find pleated skirts in almost every chain store or label. At first, I wasn´t sure, whether I needed such a skirt. Still, I found every pleated skirt I saw so pretty that I decided to purchase one and see how I could integrate this piece into my wardrobe. I decided for a pleated skirt in a maxi length with metallic shine. But why did I choose such a length? How do I style this piece? Let´s consider all this together.


Spoilit for choice: midi or maxi length? The main points to make the right decision

Midi and maxi pleated skirts look just perfectly. But how can you decide which one will suit you better and flatter your body? What length is your perfect length? Of course, your personal style is important, but shoes you are going to wear such a skirt with are even more important. A midi skirt can be very tricky, especially if you don´t have model long legs. Styling a midi skirt in a wrong way can ruin the proportions of your body and make it look worse than it really is. Though, if you want to wear a midi skirt with high heels, you don´t risk to do anything wrong. In case high heels are not your story and you always wear flats, this can be a problem in the combination with such a skirt. Having enormously long legs, you will look great combining a midi pleated skirt with sneakers, chucks, or ballerinas. Otherwise, you will visually shorten your legs. Of course, there are some tricks to balance the body’s proportions. So, you should choose skirts with a high waist which will make an illusion of longer legs and shorter upper body. Additionally, never wear long blouses, tops, or sweaters with midi skirts as they create a huge disproportion and make your upper body look much longer as it is. All kinds of tops should be tucked in the skirt which not only makes the whole outfit cleaner and more complete but also accentuates your waist.




I am a huge fan of maxi pleated skirts because they flatter every figure. Well, my legs are unfortunately not too long, so I wear high heels and wedges very often. Having chosen a satin maxi pleated skirt, I made the best decision. The shimmer of satin and the pleats create very long legs and a nice silhouette. Additionally, because of the shimmer, the skirt becomes an eye-catcher in every outfit. I love how easy it´s styled with basic shirts and tops. All flats lovers can also profit by wearing maxi skirts as they don´t make you and your legs look shorter.




How to style a pleated skirt?

Pleated skirts, especially with a metallic shimmer are eye-catching pieces. This means that you should focus on them as the main part of your outfit and choose something more basic to complete it. A comfy t-shirt or a top which you could tuck in your skirt would be perfect. A leather biker jacket thrown upon your shoulders will make a nice contrast to the feminine cut of a skirt and will make you look trendy. As for the shoes, pair pleated skirts with something elegant and light, e.g. high heels, ballerinas, light sneakers, and so on are a good choice. Heavy boots we all love wearing to boho and ruffled dresses won´t look the same way with a pleated skirt. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule. In that case, you should be 100% sure of how you combine such a skirt. Otherwise, you may look rather trashy instead of grunge cool.



I´m wearing: t-shirt by H&M / skirt by She in / shoes by Office / biker jacket by Zara / statement necklace by Swarovski / sunnies by H&M / 




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Do you like wearing pleated skirts? How do you prefer to style them?

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  1. 15. October 2017 / 10:40

    Natürlich ist es nicht für jeden was, man muss daran Spaß haben wie bei allen anderen Sportarten auch 🙂 Das ist das A und O.

    Dein Outfit ist übrigens umwerfend. Ich zum Beispiel würde nie so toll und elegant in solch einem Rock aussehen!

    • Daria
      30. October 2017 / 16:42

      Vielen Dank, liebe Sarah! Natürlcih hast du recht! Sprot muss Spaß machen).

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