How to wear the pajama trend – practical tips that´ll help you to rock every outfit

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Hi, beauties! The pajama trend has been one of the hottest trends for a while and it ´s not going anywhere. It´s so easy to explain why we all love it. This trend is just way too cool, elegant, and comfy to stay away from it. There is one problem though. In case you pair your pajama pieces in a wrong way, your outfit will look like your typical bedroom outfit instead of a cool and sophisticated street-style one. To prevent it from happening, it´s important to pay attention to what you style such pieces with and how you do it to get as far away as possible from the pajamas´ vibes.

Accessories are very important

The PJ style is one of those which absolutely need accessories and details because they provide the needed vibe. Usually, we don´t wear necklaces, earrings, and rings when we go to bed. It´s just way too uncomfy, right?! Styling a PJ style-based outfit, we need all those details on the contrary. Necklace layerings, trendy statement XXL chains, earrings, and rings will make your outfit so chic and completed. Trendy retro-driven headbands are also a great way to transform a PJ look into a cool and elegant street-style one.

Pick right shoes

Though the accessories play a huge role in how the whole ensemble will look like, you won´t get the needed vibes without the right shoes. Never add such shoes like moccasins or flat ballerinas to pajama suits because they will kill the outfit. Pointy pumps and chunky sneakers, on the contrary, will give your outfit a great contrast and provide it even more coolness and effortless elegance.

Lingerie dresses are made to pair them with pumps, sneakers, and sturdy boots to give the real street-style vibe. To complete the look, you can add an oversized blazer or a comfy long knit cardigan above a lingerie dress.


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Start small, if you´re unsure

Though many of us love pajama suits, there are not so many who dare to wear them. In that case, you can always stick to just one piece instead, e.g. a lace bra or a bustier. Believe me, these simple pieces go a long way. They will give you so many options to style them. I personally love wearing a lace bra with suits, skirts, dungarees, and other pieces. The best thing is that such combos never look like you´re wearing an actual underwear piece, even if you´re really doing it.

PJ style for winter

When I purchased this dress by Missguided, I already knew that I had to follow all the rules given above, to make it look the way I want it to be and not like a nightgown. That´s why I decided for a necklace layering and a pearl head band. Additionally, I added brown slouchy boots to make a cool accent on the mini length. Winter outfits are all about feeling warm and cozy. That´s why I put on my favorite faux-fur coat which perfectly matches the color of the boots. The dress has long sleeves which means that I always roll them up to make it look less like the real PJ piece. I´m super satisfied with how my today´s outfit turned out to be. It´s warm and cozy, but modern and even cheeky.

I´m wearing: coat by Missguided / dress by Missguided x Hayden Williams / Boots by Zara / bag by Zara / headband by Zara

What do you think about it?






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