How to be happy? – essential steps towards happiness

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We all want to be happy and do everything possible to achieve a state of happiness. But what does luck in life depend on? Why do we strive so much to find it in our lives? Why do some people who have so much still feel very unhappy and others, on the other hand, feel blessed and beyond happy having just enough. To be honest, I´m not an exception and don´t always feel happy. Recently, I decided to put an end to that and work on myself experiencing more happiness and joy in my life. The way to happiness is not the simple one, especially if you don´t feel this way from the beginning. Still, it´s possible to change some things and the way we think and experience happiness which is always there. We just need to learn to see it.




Many things in our lives are not obvious and permanent. Still, we barely think about them because we are used to having them. We are angry and unsatisfied staying in a line in the supermarket. We feel sad having a small apartment and not a huge beautiful house. We found ourselves unworthy because our body isn’t that perfect. There are many things we are unsatisfied about. Actually, we all should feel thankful for that. Standing in the line in the supermarket and having a chance to choose the whole variety of food, be thankful. Some people have nothing to eat at all. Living in a small apartment feel thankful having a warm, cozy place to live. Some people don´t even have a roof over their heads. Finding yourself not so attractive, feel thankful to be healthy and being able to live a normal, active life. All these things we can enjoy every day without even realizing the fact that we are lucky to have it all. Seeing all that you have will make you feel happy. The more you are thankful, the more you are satisfied with what you have. There is a nice method to practice the gratitude. In the early morning or just before going to bed, you should write down or just say five things in your life you are thankful for. It may be your family, your friends, or your job.

I personally have been using this method for some time. Lying in my bed I think about the things that make me feel happy. I´m happy to have such a great family, the right man on my side and for being healthy. Without feeling grateful there is no chance to feel happy.




Without feeling love for yourself and your body, it´s barely possible to feel happy. I also feel it hard sometimes to accept who I am and what I am. I think that everyone has such moments. Still, I try to love myself more with every new day. If you don´t feel good about your body and yourself, you won´t be able to enjoy it as you stick in that body for the whole life. In case you don´t like it, you always can do something to achieve your body goals. Do you have some extra weight and don´t like it? Then, go to the gym. Can´t you accept your nose? Maybe you can have a plastic surgery. Don´t get me wrong, I don´t advertise plastic surgery, I´m just sure that in some cases a plastic surgery can positively change your life. Sometimes people feel so bad because of some physical issues that this is the only way to get rid of self-hatred and start enjoying the life. Just do everything to feel comfortable in your own shoes and be happy being yourself.




Set goals and achieve them

There is barely something more satisfying than achieving your goals. That is why it is always good to set new goals and try to get better, to work and see the results, to understand that you can do it. We can achieve everything working hard enough. Still, trying to pursue your goals, think of the balance. Turning on a workaholic mode is dangerous and could bring you to burn-out and depression. That is why learn to hear the signals your body sends you (more about body signals here).

Find your way to relax

It may sound trivial and I personally thought that relaxation was a kind of a new trend. Though, in reality, it can positively change your life. You just need to find the right method of relaxation. Our life is full of meetings, arrangements, and stressful situations. All this can cause a burn-out or even depression. I personally discovered meditation for myself. It happened in one of the worst moments for my body and mental health. I couldn´t sleep, I was irritated and my head was full of thoughts and anxieties. I felt so exhausted that I decided to try meditation, though I didn´t even believe it could help. Of course, this is new to me and I´m in the beginning of this journey. Though, I need to say that now I can control my thoughts and anxieties a little bit better. In one of my future posts, I will tell you more about meditation, my methods, and the apps I use.



Show your emotions

This is what many people lack of. Look at kids and how open for emotions they are. They can scream loudly because they are angry and jump with joy because they feel happy. They don´t care what other people will think about them. The adults are used to hiding their emotions. That is why we feel sometimes that we cannot handle all the problems and stress anymore. Learn to show your emotions and what you feel. If you feel like crying, then cry. If you feel happy, be it. There is only one thing to mention, it´s ok to feel anger or to be sad. We all feel it sometimes. Still, even feeling sad, try to smile to yourself. A smile is a signal to our brain to produce endorphin (the hormone of joy). You will feel much better after that.


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What makes you feel happy?

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