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Being able to wear summer dresses even in fall is a great feeling. Unfortunately, not all of us live somewhere in California or on a beautiful southern Island.  Still, even if you live in central Europe you can create a great fall outfit using your favorite dresses and create warm layering outfits. The best thing about it is the fact that you can feel as feminine as you are used to feeling while wearing such dresses in summer and spare some money because you won´t need to buy a new dress, especially for fall. All you need to know is how to create such a warm, comfortable, and still very feminine fall outfit.




How to make a summer dress a part of a trendy fall outfit     

The most simple way to create such an outfit is putting on a turtleneck pullover underneath your summer dress. Long sleeved midi dresses with floral prints are the best for such fall layering looks. I would recommend choosing neutral colors such as beige or black for the turtleneck pullovers because they create a nice and universal base (layer) and do not distract attention from the dress. This season we have been given new ways to complete and warm up such summer dress based outfits by putting on skinnies or cropped jeans. In case of wearing midi and maxi dresses, it will work great and make the whole outfit more casual. Though I love this style combination and enjoyed numerous outfits with such a “dress + jeans” combination on the web, I personally would prefer it more feminine. That´s why I decided to combine my dress with some warm thighs and suede overknees. Actually, overknees and trendy slouchy boots look perfectly combined with midi dresses and give your outfit more character without losing the femininity. Additionally, high-heeled overknees paired with a midi dress make these shoes look less aggressive and provocative.




Choosing a summer dress, you want to wear in fall, you should pay attention to the right size of it. Keep in mind that you need to have some extra space in order to put on a thin pullover underneath. That is why you probably will need a dress one size bigger than you actually wear. I wore my today´s dress in one of my summer outfits from Mallorca (here). I purchased the size S though I actually wear the XS because I knew that it will be perfect for such easy layering outfits in fall. Though it´s a bit bigger, it looks very feminine and flattering. So, if you decide to buy a summer dress and want to wear it later in fall, take two different sizes to see which one would be the right for such a pairing. Just keep in mind that it shouldn´t be too big, it just should be a little bit wider to feel comfortable while wearing something underneath. In that case, you will look beautiful both in summer and fall and rock your outfits.


I´m wearing: dress by Zara / pullover by Caliope/ overknees by Buffalo / earrings by Hippie Chic



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