Hydrating H serum by DAYTOX – review

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As every girl who loves her skin, I pay much attention to the skin products I use. I want to keep my skin smooth, young, and healthy as long as possible. That is why I am constantly looking for some new products which provide nice results. Recently, I found the brand DAYTOX which was new for me but it had so many interesting skin care products that I decided to try the antioxidative hydrating serum “hydrating H serum” as an additional step in my daily skin care routine. I have been using the serum for 2 months which is enough time to give an objective review of this product.

Packaging and design of the product

I like the design of the serum because of its simplicity. The glass bottle does not have any distracting elements. There´s just the name sticker on it and nothing more, which reminds me of a pharmacy product. There is a dropper on the top of the bottle which helps to use the product precisely without getting too much of it. The transparent glass bottle lets you see how much product you still have.

Soft skin within seconds

The „hydrating H serum“ is a vegan product without any parabens or silicones. Such ingredients as aloe vera and panthenol hydrate the skin and give it more elasticity. You need just some drops of the product for the whole face and neck. The product is absorbed within seconds without any sticky feeling. It also can be used as a nice base for make-up as the skin becomes softer and smoother and lets every foundation be applied more evenly. The product is supposed to reduce rashes and redness of the skin. Well, as I don´t have any rashes and I couldn´t prove it, so you could do it yourself. In that case, please, share your results with me.


The „hydrating H serum“ by DAYTOX became an important part of my skincare routine. I love the way how fast it´s absorbed by my skin and how smooth and hydrated it becomes. Comparing this product to similar ones by other brands, this one is much cheaper (25 EUR) and still, has a nice quality. It can be used for months as you need very little of the product to apply it both on your face and neck. It also can be applied on every skin type which is perfect as every girl can get a better skin with this product. The serum doesn´t have any harmful or synthetical ingredients which is important for everyone who does care about what he or she applies on the skin. I will definitely try other products by this brand and keep using this serum. I am very happy with this product.



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Have you already tried any hyaluronic serums? What are your results?

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    • Daria
      3. March 2017 / 10:38

      Das Serum ist wirklich toll und nicht sehr teuer. ) Mir hat es sehr gut gefallen ).

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