Hydrating skin tone perfector by Avène – review

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Spring and summer are the seasons when many girls prefer BB and CC creams over normal foundations. The texture of these products is much lighter. Additionally, these products hydrate the skin and make it look healthier and prettier but quite natural at the same moment. As a blogger I tested many products and I know how difficult it is to find a good one. Recently I purchased a CC cream by a French label Avène. The reason I decided for this product is the fact that I absolutely love thermal water by Avène, so I hoped this CC cream would be a nice product. The CC cream also has an SPF which I very appreciate in skin care products. The CC cream matches to all skin colors, at least it supposed to. Buying it I broke my own rule “not to buy any universal CC creams”. The problem is that my skin is too fair so almost every universal CC cream is way too dark for me.

Avene Swatch2

Speaking of the packaging, the product has the design which is standard to the other products by Avène and is easy to recognize it from all the amount of other products. Now to the product itself. The CC cream by Avène turned out to be a big disappointment. The CC cream is too dark, to orange and too thick which makes it pretty difficult. The SPF in the cream creates a white layer on the skin which can be barely covered. The only thing which can help in the situation is cleanse the face, which I did.

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It´s my fault that I purchased this product though I could guess that the universal CC cream could be too dark for me as many other products had been before. That is why I recommend you not to purchase the products (even similar products by other brands) which didn’t work on you. It could just mean that the texture or ingredients or something else are just not good for your skin.

For me it was a kind of bad buy. This CC cream is too dark, too orange and too thick. Of course, one can apply it with a very, very thin layer in order to avoid the white layer coming from the SPF on the skin, but in this case one won´t get any sun protection at all. So it doesn’t make any sense to apply it at all. Unfortunately, the CC cream by Avène is not my product at all.

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