Hydro active line by Dr. Grandel – review


Speaking of my personal skincare needs, I would accentuate a good hydration. My skin needs it so much. The moment I discovered the line hydro active by Dr. Grandel, I knew I had to try it. I tested numerous products by this line, from several skincare products to the body care ones. In case your skin also needs an extra portion of hydration, this review will be useful for you.

Hyaluron Filler Caps

There are two different versions of the product with a different amount of caps. I decided for the one with 28 caps in it. First of all, I want to mention its cool packaging. I love the fact that all caps are placed in a bottle and not any blister packaging. It´s so practical and easy to just open the bottle and take one of the caps out. Every cap has an amount of the hyaluronic acid needed to spread on the face, neck, and cleavage. It does not only hydrate your skin but also plump all fine lines caused by dryness of the skin. That´s why the skin starts looking much smoother and firmer. The texture of the hyaluronic acid fillers is very light and is absorbed within seconds. I love using them in the morning because it´s super easy and fast.

Hydro Active Ampules

These ampules are perfect to make a special treat for your skin every now and then. I prefer using them as the first step in my evening skincare routine. I feel like doing it that way maximizes the result of the product. The ampules replace traditional serums and contain a great number of active ingredients to visibly improve the quality of the skin. In the kit, there are four ampules and one opener to open them perfectly safe. Such sets are perfect as a gift because they provide a special and deep treatment and there are different kits for every skin type which means that every woman will find her perfect product.

Hyaluron: Love edition Ampules

The kit contains three different ampules to try out which version will be perfect for you. Choosing this kit, you get one hyaluronic acid ampule, one hyaluronic acid moisture flash ampule, and one hyaluronic acid at night ampule. All three versions are great and made for different needs. It´s the perfect way to test all of them and see what kind of an ampule you personally prefer more. This kit is also an amazing gift so that a person can try them all and make a choice.

Contour Eye Gel

Another great product from the line hydro active is specially created for the gentle eye area. The gel hydrates and nourishes it in the best possible way. It´s cooling gel texture also brings extra freshness which helps to minimize puffiness on the undereye area. Unfortunately, my face tends to puffiness in the morning, that´s why I love using such skin care products helping me look much fresher. It´s super light which means that you don´t need to wait too long until the product will be absorbed by the skin. The moment I apply it, I practically start doing my usual makeup.

Hydro Active Bodylotion

Wenn man trockene Haut hat, wird man das Produkt lieben. Es ist eine andere Dimension der Feuchtigkeit, denn die Haut fühlt sich unglaublich toll und prall an. Zusätzlich hinterlässt die Bodylotion einen schönen dezenten Schimmer auf der Haut. Dadurch sieht sie ebenmäßiger und schöner aus. Für mich ist sie zu einem Must-Have geworden, denn ich liebe das Gefühl auf meiner Haut, wenn ich das Produkt benutze.




*  All products have been sent to me for a test. All opinions are my own and had not been affected in any way. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

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