I can´t get enough of rock band t-shirts

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If you read my blog not for the first time, you know about my affinity for rock band tees.  I love wearing them and make them look in a different and stylish way. Lately, I´m all about getting elegant outfits based on them. The majority of people would mind that it´s barely possible to get a feminine and elegant outfit with long haired musicians or scary creatures printed on them but I definitely do not agree with that false statement. My today’s look is a nice example of how to make it all work like a charm.

Creativity wanted

When you think about ways of what to pair a rock band tee with, the first classic combination would probably be “a tee + jeans”. Sure, it´s easy and cool but wouldn´t it be much more interesting to make it different? I´m always trying to reinvent the way I style such t-shirts and experiment a lot. When I first tried the combination “a tee + a midi skirt”, I had a severe crush. A midi skirt takes away the “hardness” of a rock band t-shirt and puts an extraordinary vibe of a lady whose heart is beating for rock´n´roll.

The tee of the season

If I had to pick just one t-shirt out of my whole collection, I would probably choose the one with the “Led Zeppelin” print. It just matches almost everything in my wardrobe, both with rocks and pants. This tee also complements my asymmetric plaid skirt just well. One could say that I wore it most often during the summer than any other t-shirt I have. I don´t think that the autumn will be different. The statement, “I live for it” describes it pretty much 😊.

I´m wearing: t-shirt by Bershka / skirt by Zara / sandals by Mango / bag by Essentiel Antwerp / hair clips by Stradivarius /

Shoes and accessories are the most important parts of an outfit based on a rock band tee

This is the case when shoes and accessories form the character of the whole outfit. It doesn´t even matter that much what lives in between. Rock band t-shirts are very expressive and sometimes a skirt is just not enough to create an elegant outfit. This is where the right heeled shoes and swanky accessories like a little bag, earrings or hair clips can come in handy. So, if you want your outfit based on a rock band t-shirt to be elegant and feminine, pick heels and lovely details which´ll soften even skulls printed on your tee.


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