“I love summer” box by Jeans d´Arcel – unboxing

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Hi, beauties! Recently, I received a super exciting beauty box by Jean d´Arcel. The main theme of the box is the summer and it´s called “I love Summer”. There are numerous skincare and makeup products which are important on hot summer days to feel and look great. Holding this box in my hands makes me think of the seaside. Let´s take a look in the box and check out the summer must-haves of the German brand.

The face peeling “peeling soyeux”

To have great skin throughout a year, it´s important to peel it regularly. Unfortunately, many of us tend to forget to do it in summer. Think of the active sun, sweating, salty water and other things we experience in summer and how all of them dry out our skin. Neglecting peeling your skin may cause serious irritations, clogged pores, and dry skin. That´s why it´s so important to keep that skincare step in mind.

In the summer box, there is a nice face peeling by the brand Jean d´Arcel which is the real summer must-have for everyone. Bamboos granulate cleans down to the pores and shea-butter makes the skin smooth and nourished. Though I prefer chemical peelings, I really enjoyed using this one. It´s not too aggressive and doesn´t cause redness on my skin.

Dermal Sun Protection LSF 50

A proper SPF product protects against the UVA and UVB rays which cause skin damages and lead to hyperpigmentation and early skin aging. This is what makes such skincare products a number one for sunny summer days. I personally prefer using a sunscreen throughout a year. In winter, I normally apply an SPF 20 to 30 and in summer an SPF 30 and higher.

I really enjoyed using this product because it easy to apply and you don´t get that annoying white layer many sun-blockers cause. It is also great for an application underneath makeup. Additionally, it has a practical packaging with a dispenser which makes the usage way more precise and hygienic.

Renovar Masque Hyaluron – hydrating face mask

The main thing our skin needs on summer days is a great portion of hydration. A hydrating face mask is what gives that extra freshness kick without feeling like a thick layer. The product by Jean d´Arcel is a great one. It contains hyaluronic acid which is one of the best sources of hydration for our skin. Left only for 15 minutes on the skin will hydrate, nourish, and reduce fine lines caused by dryness. The face mask is the real SPA treatment at home.

Concentré Force Hyaluronique – ampulles with hyaluronic acid

When summer days get super-hot, even a light hydrating face cream may turn into a torture. Hydrating ampules are lifesavers in such cases. They are so highly concentrated that they spend the best care and hydration for the skin being super light textured. There is not only an optical improvement in how the skin looks but also a positive change in its structure. The fact is that hyaluronic acid stimulates the original production of hyaluronic acid by the skin which is normally reduced with the years going. In the box, there was a special version of the product including two ampules to try out. I used them both and I loved how hydrated and nourished my skin felt.

Matte lipstick

There were two variations of the lipstick in the box. I got a pretty color called “wooden heart”. It´s a nice brown-red shade which perfectly suits both for a day and a night makeup.

The lipstick is easy and comfy to use, and it really is long-lasting. I love how it feels and looks on my lips. Though, the lipstick is not to 100% kiss safe. Every time you will kiss or eat something, a tiny amount of the shade will remain on somebody´s lips or your meals. Still, it´s not a bid deal for me, so I enjoy using it every now and then.

The “I love summer” box contains so many nice products which you really can and will use during summer. I loved using all of them and will definitely continue using the face mask and order some additional ampules. What products out of the box did you find most interesting?




* The beauty box was sent to me as a PR-Sample. All opnions are mine own and haven´t been affected in any way. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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