If you want color in your life, add it to your outfit first


I get questions about what colors to choose for every day quite often. I would probably leave this issue without a separate blog post if I hadn´t had this question again from a friend of mine. Last weekend, while walking through the old town and through some stores, she found a gorgeous red coat and asked me, whether the red was suitable to go to work or wear every day without any occasion. I said “sure” and saw how uncertain she became. We all heard about the basics so often that we completely forgot how to wear other colors in our lives. I also love basics, but I purchase clothes not only under the motto “how can I pair it with all the pieces in my wardrobe”. I simply love colors and want to have those which match me and make me look great. So many people are afraid to wear bright colors because they feel insecure and even don´t have enough self-esteem to choose something colorful. Bright colors are for sure an amazing way to leave your comfort zone, that´s why you may feel uncomfortable. But believe me, the more you will dare to wear such colors, the more you will like it.

Did you have such moments when you spontaneously get a desire for something brighter? I did, and I do quite often. Especially in summer, I want a pop of colors, sun, and a great time. Bright colors are my color therapy which makes me feel more confident and increase the feeling of self-esteem. With every new color or print, I leave my personal comfort zone and make steps toward a better and daring self. I also feel like wearing a bright color being in a certain mood. They just make me feel even better than I already do. Dare to choose and wear such colors. Get inspired and receive more self-esteem and stretch your limits through the power of bright colors.

The 60´s inspired outfit

Today´s outfit is a great example of what I was talking about above. Fortunately for me, the 60´s are in and retro vibes can be seen everywhere. That´s amazing because I love classic Dior-skirts and high-waisted flare pants and other pieces typical for the 60´s. The flare pants I chose for my today´s outfit reminds of these spectacular times. That´s why I decided for a t-shirt with the “Elvis” slogan. On the one hand, it´s an additional connection to the retro vibes of the outfit. On the other, a modern cut of the tee gets the whole outfit back to present days. By the way, the t-shirt was found per chance in Palma de Mallorca. Isn´t it always the case with the most favorite pieces? Sure it is:). As for the pants, I found them at the Shein-site and fell in love with their amazing color. The moment I tried them on, my love got even deeper. They sit just perfect and the quality is great. I know that many girls are quite skeptical about purchasing clothes at Asian fashion sites. I felt the same way. Still, I have my secret to make successful shopping there. I never order something too cheap because the quality can only be poor. Choosing a piece which costs a price you would normally pay for a similar one at a chain store is a guarantee that you get a great piece. This strategy never left me with low-quality haul at the end. These pants are my new love and I´m happy to have found them. What experience do you have with Asian fashion online-stores?

I´m wearing: t-shirt by Pampling / pants by Shein (here) / sandals by Zenden / bag by Gucci / bracelet by Patrizia Pepe / Sunnies by 




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  1. 10. August 2018 / 9:14

    Oh, I love how you added color to your outfit and I’m a fan of your elvis shirt ♥
    Love, Dani

    • Daria
      13. August 2018 / 12:36

      Thank you so much, dear Dani!

  2. 23. August 2018 / 22:38

    Such a gorgeous pair of palazzo pants Daria, love how you styled them! I am all about leaving our comfort zone when it comes to fashion, but I find my wardrobe getting more and more minimal wiht the years 🙂

    Hope you are having a great week and thanks for visiting my little virtual corner

    Saida | She talks Glam

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