I´m not a perfect gal, I´m not a perfect wife, but I freaking love who I am

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Women suffer from various outdated or simply sexist prejudices and behavioral patterns coming from their families and friends from an early age. Even if they don’t mean it badly with us or say certain things for fun, some of them stick in us for a long while. We all should later become good housewives, be able to cook well and do many other things, otherwise “nobody will marry us”. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking is still very common in Eastern Europe and if any of you don’t know, I’m originally from Russia. There it is not uncommon for men to marry such a cooking machine to be mothered and looked after rather than accepting a woman with her strengths and weaknesses. Sure, there are exceptions, but somehow women in Eastern Europe still have to live with totally pathetic and sexist judgments, because they don’t know that it can be different. But let’s face it, who needs such a man who only sees you as a mother substitute? I mean, maybe someone needs such a man, but at least we have the right to choose it these days.


I can say out loud that I have never been the “ideal” gal and future wife. Actually, that was never the way I wanted to go. I was always reversed and stubborn, as some family members called me. I always had my own opinion on everything and always represented it clearly. I couldn’t even be classified as a “normal” girl. I always liked all the things that were not girlish at all. Even now nothing has changed. I would always prefer to go to a rock concert instead of a romantic night in a restaurant, a workout instead of baking treats in the kitchen and learning foreign languages ​​instead of talking to girlfriends over the phone for hours.


I don’t like to cook

To be precise, I only like to cook something easy and quick. I will never understand someone who spends hours in the kitchen with pleasure. Life is too short to spend in the kitchen and there are so many great recipes that are easy and very healthy. I hate baking and I don’t like desserts. I know, that sounds very strange. Well, I’m the lucky one who doesn’t like candy, cakes, or ice cream and I don’t need them at all. I need pretty-looking tartlets to make nice flatlay pics for my Instagram. Sorry, not sorry!

I never wanted to get married

So many girls dream of getting married one day, but for me, it was the other way around. I didn’t want to and couldn’t understand why some of my girlfriends got married so early. I subconsciously wanted to avoid any wedding I was invited to. My brain always looked for plausible excuses why I couldn’t come (sorry girls! Now the cat is out of the bag). Nevertheless, I’m married now. However, we didn’t invite hundreds of guests, we didn’t have a castle or a big celebration.


I´m not a romantic person

I can’t help it, but I’m allergic to romance. Also, in the movies, I´d prefer to watch the pet cemetery or Judge Dredd rather than any romantic drama. Maybe that’s why I got along much better with dudes.

You can´t forbid me anything

After my bitter experience in the first serious relationship and total control, I can’t stand it. Of course, I can ask someone for advice, but no one can’t tell me what to do. In every harmonious relationship, trust and space for yourself should be the most important parts. Unfortunately, it is not the case for many couples. I hear it regularly how the husbands of some of my girlfriends live with the fact that they are not allowed to do this or that. Sorry, I can’t understand something like that. We are free people and can make our own decisions or do I get it wrong?


I´m wearing: jacket by Bershka / jeans by Na-Kd / t-shirt by Asos / bag by Massimo Dutti / boots by Zara / belt by Ralph Lauren / necklace by Swarovski


As you can see, I am not an ideal gal and wife. But what I am is someone who is very idiosyncratic and filled with sarcasm and millions of wishes and goals. The world has so much to offer that the kitchen is really not enough for me. Nevertheless, I am also the one who loves and is loved. I´ve been having a happy marriage for years and have both mental and physical space for myself. Nobody is ideal, and why should we? It’s boring. If you are yourself and love how you are, then the right one will come into your life for sure.




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