Inglot – HD Perfect Coverup Foundation – Review

Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation

Today I wanna tell you about my experience with the HP foundation by Inglot, which I don’t like at all. This foundation is of very high coverage, which can be good for some occasions. Inglot also presents this foundation as a good working on a sensitive or a dry skin. So I purchased it in the color 71.

Inglot Foundation nummer

Of course everyone knows that such high coverage isn’t for everyday life because it can look like a mask on the face (and in most cases it really does). But I was looking for something like this. I should say that I have a feeling I have bought a paint for my apartment not a make-up. This foundation cannot be applied on with anything. I tried to apply it with my fingers, with my beauty blender, with a foundation brush and with a sponge. It just didn’t work. It lies on the skin very uneven. There is no chance to shade it properly. If you try it with the beauty blender, you won’t get a result, just an irritated skin. Maybe there are girls somewhere in the world who like this product, but I have no good words for it.

Inglot Foundation swatch


The HP foundation has a nice packaging of a good quality. Additionally, the description of the product on the website is really good. But that’s all with advantages. After a few seconds it gets dry and there is no chance to apply it. Stay away from this product.

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  1. Personally for me this foundation is amazing. The shades are a bit off, no shade match my skin tone at all, but on my sensitive, oily and dry combination skin this looks so good. I first apply it on a part of my skin with my fingers, before going of with a half dry beauty blender to even everything out. It is not the best under the eyes, it goes into fine lines, so I would use another foundation for under the eyes. Other than that it stays put for 10 hours, atleast it does for me with no creasing or cakey look. Its ggreat for a night out and on hot days, because it actually stays on the face and does not melt off like many foundations does. This is one of my go to HG foundations when my skin hate me, and no other foundation wants to look good.

    1. It´s great that this foundation works for you. Maybe it works on oily skin type better. But as for dry skin, it looks just horrible. It doesn’t matter how to apply it.

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