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Normally, I would feel happiness preparing for the most beautiful and magical time of the year but I just don´t feel this way. I was smashed by my own perfectionism again. I always want to do everything much better than I actually do and that´s why I´m never good enough in my point of view. Maybe this the reason why I personally would stay at home wearing my PJs and watching something silly on the TV instead of dressing up and pretending that I would be in high spirits. For sure, this is not the perfect beginning of this post, but still, I can share these feeling here without being looked at in a certain weird way as it often happens on one of my favorite social media platforms, Instagram. Did you notice that everything on Instagram must be or better say, seem perfect nowadays? It´s the place of pseudo- positivity, good mood, and perfect lies.

A glittery soap bubble with no room for real life

For sure, there are still some accounts which have been run in a traditional way as it used to be at the beginning. But for the majority, the game has totally changed. Now everyone wanna show their beautiful and perfect lives and share it through pictures with the whole world. Recently, I read a sarcastic article about Instagram and how the statistics showed that according to Instagram, there are 100% more millionaires in the world than some years ago. Of course, it was just a joke but when we look at thousands of people using that platform and trying to show us their “luxury life”, you may start believing it. Why do so many people want to show us that everything is so perfect that it looks more like a fairytale than real life? That´s easy. One woman commented on a pic of my friend that nobody wants to see their moaning on Instagram because everybody has enough of it in real life. That´s why so many girls go to the kitchen and make a nice-looking breakfast, then, they place it on the bed, take some shots of it and post it with the caption: “Just got breakfast in the bed prepared by the best husband/boyfriend (sign the correct version)”. In that time, the husband sleeps on the other side of the bed and doesn’t even has a hint about what´s going on or the best boyfriend doesn´t even know that he exists. Do I have anything against it? Not at all. Still, everyone should be aware of the illusion of such a perfect life. In fact, the more somebody pays your attention to the perfection, the more is the guarantee that it´s some trouble in paradise.

Stereotypes, expectations, and many, many bloggers

When I started my blog (and I wasn’t one of the first), one should have had a blog at least, to be called a blogger. A blog is a so much work every day, in case you mean it seriously. But now, everyone who has an account on Instagram seriously thinks that he or she is a blogger. To me, it´s like a cobbler with no shoes or a supermarket without any goods there. If every person who has an Instagram account is a blogger, who should I be in that case, maybe a blogger blogger?

Stereotypes are another great motion in the world of Instagram. Barely has the winter arrived on the calender, it was time to start posting pictures a lá winter fairytale. I personally saw a pic with a lot of snow on one account in the beginning of December. Of course, I had to ask, whether it has been snowing so hard there. The answer was great, a young woman told me that the picture is from last year but it´s ok because it´s winter already. In my case it´s different. We still have some yellow leaves on the trees but in the eyes of some people, it´s impossible to have fall when the calendar says, it´s 4th. Of December. Well, what should I do with that? Should I shoot all leaves off with a stone or something? By the way, my today´s outfit was photographed at the end of November. If anybody has a problem with all the leaves, well, just pretend it were snowflakes 😊.

At the end of this post, I want to tell you that you shouldn´t take some things way too seriously. Did I tell the truth about how certain things on Instagram work? In my opinion, yes. Did I exaggerate it a little bit? Maybe. Actually, if you enjoy the game and like blowing a glittery soap bubble, go for it, even if you borrow a designer bag for a pic by your girlfriend 😊. At the end, as one famous man wrote: “all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players”.

I´m wearing: jacket by Na-Kd / jeans by Envii / sweater by Na-Kd / ankle-boots by EGO



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