InStyle box December 19/20 – revealing the content of the box

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Hi, beauties! That´s it, this is officially the last beauty box by InStyle this year. I already made an IGTV video with a Christmas – ish atmosphere with the unboxing on my Instagram. In case you missed it, you can find it anytime finding me via @daria_dbk_stylez. In today´s review, I wanted to go a little bit more in detail of each product out of the box. Let´s dive directly into it.

„Supra Radiance“ face cream by Laborotories Lierac Paris

This gel cream not only makes your skin look extremely fresh but also give it a nice powdery finish. Thanks to glimmer particles and silicic acid in there the cream optically makes the appearance smoother and fine lines less visible. This sounds really great, doesn´t it?

„Bubble body wash pad“ by Takabath

This wash pad is not about a simple hygiene item. It´s so much more than that. The product belongs to the newest generation of the body care from Korea. With this wash pad integrated in the fermented enzymes liquidity, you can make your skin look much better, smoother, and plumper. The special liquidity consists of 52 fermented natural enzymes which nourish the skin deeply and hydrate it like pros. It suits every skin type and is super practical of the go and short trips. Such a small product with such a huge effect.

„Hyalu B5 Serum“ by La Roche-Posey

This serum is created for sensitive skin and helps to reduce thin lines thanks to hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5. The skin looks fresher and feels super hydrated instantly. It also prevents the skin against an early aging process and makes it healthier and prettier day by day.

„Multi-effect beauty blush“ by Sante natural cosmetics

The multi-effect blush contains six different colors which create one product your can use the way you want it to. It can be a bronzer, a highlighter or a blush. Together they make a pretty, healthy, and glowy finish to flatter your appearance. There were two possible options in the box. I got #1 called “coral” which is perfect for my fair skin.

Discount certificate for Tantastic Treatment

I was happy to find such a nice certificate in the current box. I stay away from solariums and use self-tanners every now and then when I must see the best way for events. The concept of Tantastic is absolutely amazing because there is a classical self-tanner but in a more professional and upgraded version. It provides perfect-looking results without any UV rays and goes so fast. Additionally, this fake tan will last for a while and will look stunning until it´s completely washed off.

shiny postcard

A pretty postcard like this can be a nice motivation for yourself or a sweet gesture for someone you love and care about. Who else loves motivation cards as much as I do?

Blush und bronzer brush by Parsa Beauty

 Suiting the multi-effect blush I found the blush & bronzer brush in the box. The quality of the brush is amazing, the bristles are soft and hold just the right amount of the product needed. For my face, the brush is more suitable for a bronzer though you can definitely apply your blush with it too. In case you´re looking for nice and affordable makeup brushes, I can recommend you the ones by Parsa Beauty. I have three of their brushes and they all are just great.

„Leave-me-in Winter Mask“ by Mudmasky

The most interesting thing about this “leave-me-in” mask is that it´s not just a normal overnight face mask but the day one. It nourishes and hydrates stressed skin and releases it from all the problems we all have during winter. To get the maximum out of it, it should be applied on the days you spend at home. Simply apply it on your face and let it do its thing. If you feel like adding another layer after some hours, you can definitely do it. It works really well when you give it some hours to work down to the core of the tightness and dryness of the skin. I proved it myself.

„Coco Nilla“ lip balm by Bee Natural

I pay attention to the ingredients of all my lip balms because I want only the natural ones on my lips. That´s why I love this particular lip balm which I have already used a while ago. It contains beeswax, natural oils and nothing more which is amazing and safe. Additionally, it does its job and hydrates even super dry lips. I personally need nothing more speaking of the lip care.

Shampoo „Maroccan argan oil repair“ by Herbal Essences

There were two possible products by the brand in the box, the hair conditioner and the shampoo from the line “repair”. Both products are made for dry and damaged hair and help to make it shinier and healthier. As you can see, I got the shampoo in my box which I´ve already tried. My hair is quite damaged after having experienced a super bad balayage treatment, so this shampoo which is based on the argan oil is the right one for me.

Decorative jewelry plate

Probably all women love pretty little stuff to decorate our homes. This cute little jewelry plate is perfect for every bedroom. It will keep all the pretty details you wear during a day safe but also look nice on your stationery.

Lebkuchen by Lenchen

A piece of a hand-made gingerbread is always a good idea to compliment a cup of coffee, right?





*I purchased the InStyle Box myself. All opinions are my own and had not been affected in any way. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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