InStyle box fall edition 18 – what was in there


The golden fall together with the newest InStyle box have arrived. Frankly, I barely could wait until I got my beauty box. The moment I received it, I was blown away by the number of cool items which had been hiding in there. Let´s dive in and see all the beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and much more products together.

Silver necklace by The Jeweller

I didn´t expect something like this at all but I found a cute silver necklace in the fall beauty box. The elegant piece comes with a heart-shaped pendant. This accessory will look suitable to absolute every outfit and layering it with other necklaces will create a cool boho style too. I love this piece!

Body butter by Nature Box

This is another product I personally needed so badly. My skin is always dry but during cold seasons it gets even worse. Normal body lotions can´t handle this issue of mine to 100%. That’s why I always stick to body butter which has a thicker texture and nourish skin much better. This product is an organic one and has such great ingredients like an avocado oil in it. It nourishes and protects my skin so well. I love using it before going to bed and enjoy how soft and great it feels like the next morning.

The pony puffin by puffin beauty

Who doesn´t want more volume for their hair and more density for the ponytail? You don´t need hair extensions anymore because there is a small tool which can help you create more volume just in seconds. This little helper makes your hair look different and much better. All you need to do is putting it in the center of your hair where you usually place a scrunchy. This practical tool also gives an additional grip to the scrunchy and your ponytail will look perfect the whole day long. In the beginning, I was quite skeptical but the moment I tried the pony puffin for the first time, I fell in love with this tool. Yay, to the extra volume without nay complicated tricks!

Nail polish by L´Oréal

In the fall box, I found a double-sided nail polish by the French brand L´Oréal. The color suits fall so well and it´s called “forever mink”. It´s a soft neutral nude color on the one side and the top coat on the other. The best thing is that it´s not a traditional nail polish but a gel one. The top coat creates a great shiny gel-like finish and helps to prolong your manicure up to 10 days. I love everything about this product except only one thing, its packaging. Separating the two products would be much better and more comfortable to use. Putting two products into one package makes it a little clumsy to use.

 An emailed mug by InStyle 

This emailed mug is super cute, isn´t it? It makes me remember my childhood because as a kid I used to have a similar one. I´m in love with the cute motive of the mug showing a dreamy lama. I´m a huge mug fan and I will definitely use this one in fall and winter a lot.

„Be happy“ tea by Cupper

I like this tea brand very much and have several packages of their teas. This one is nothing for me though. I don´t know why almost every fall drink edition contains cinnamon. I don´t like it at all. Even its smell is very disturbing for me. That´s why I will give it to somebody who will enjoy drinking this tea because I definitely won´t.

Gilette venus swirl

The new women razor is a great catch for me personally because I needed a new one. The Venus razor has the so-called flexi-ball which helps to reach every part of your body easily. The flexi-ball reflects every motion of your hand and every curve of your body which brings great results with less work and time. With every other women razor by Gillette, you can use your favorite blades with it because all of them suit the new swirl tool.

FeststoffCola by ColaRebell

This product is very interesting and unusual. The mixture of such ingredients like guarana and taurine in the form of bonbons is a real energy kicker. It is supposed to replace the traditional coffee and work in the morning or throughout the day as good as our favorite drink does. Well, I don´t know. I personally love drinking coffee, and nothing will bring me to something else. Though the idea is very cool.

A clutch bag by Mollerus

The small black clutch by the Swiss brand Mollerus is so cute. It practically can be used for everything to your liking, both stocking your makeup items in or using it as an actual clutch bag. I´m going to use it as a bag for my new big iPhone to save it from scratching and falling. The quality is amazing, and the logo-print looks very stylish too.

Lipstick by Kiss Cosmetics

There was a chance to find one of the four lipsticks by the brand Kiss Cosmetics in the box. I got the red, called “red head”. Actually, it´s kind of interesting because every time I pick something red. Fortunately, the red tone matches my skin very well and looks pretty on me. The lipstick is highly pigmented and gives a nice satin finish on the lips. It feels very comfortable and doesn´t dry them out. Though the product is supposed to be long-lasting, it goes up when you eat or drink something. Still, in that case, you have enough of product on the lips to spread them evenly and bright even if you don´t have the lipstick to touch up your makeup. Nonetheless, I love this lipstick and its great color. It´s easy to use and it looks too pretty to not like it.



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