InStyle box fall edition 19 – the unboxing and first impressions

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Hi, beauties! What can improve a gray and rainy fall day? Of course, a brand-new beauty box. Frankly, I´ve been waiting for each InStyle box to arrive so impatiently and every time the current edition blows my mind so much that I fell in love with this box deeper and deeper. The fall edition isn´t an exception because it´s absolutely amazing. Actually, I´m not the one to get easily impressed speaking of beauty items but there are several products that blew my mind. Let´s sneak a peek, I would say!

Hair brush by Parsa Beauty

Though I have numerous brushes, since the day I found the hairbrush by Parsa in the beauty box, I´ve been using it non-stop. It not only has a nice optic but also makes my hair shinier and healthier. The thing is that natural hair bristles of the brush are enriched with keratin. My hair always gets a little too voluminous the first day I´ve washed it and tis hairbrush helps me a lot to keep all the fritzz at bay even if I let it dry naturally without using a hairdryer.


Almond oil BioOleo Cosmetics

I love using oils for my dry skin and hair. Especially now when it´s getting colder and my skin gets more and more stressed. Sweet almond oil hydrates and nourishes skin intensively and deeply so that it gets smooth and shiny again. Using almond oil (and numerous other oils) you get a product with such a wide range of effect. It can be used on its own or mixed into your day or night cream or simply used on rough parts of the body like lips, elbows or where you need it more. With this oils I´m more than prepared for winter.


Lip lacquer by Sante natural cosmetics

Out of the two possible shades I got the “soothing terra”. The brand Sante is s great option for everyone who wants to have only natural ingredients in their skin and body care. Though I knew about their wide range of body care products, I didn´t even heard about them doing makeup too. The collection “lip lacquer” means more than just great colors and nice pigmentation but also hydration and nutrition. Lip glosses nourish lips thanks to vitamin E and shea-butter. Especially in fall and winter it´s so important to not only have a nice makeup on but also take more care of our skin. It´s possible with this lip gloss.


Magic pony by Parsa Beauty

Magic hair tool by Parsa turns even fine hair into a lion´s mane. The dream of having much hair wearing a high ponytail finally come true without any extensions. I personally love using this little helper to create a vision of more hair and more volume. Unfortunately, I got a version for dark hair in my box, so that I can´t use it. Still, I have my old one which I still use a lot and this one will be given ti a friend of something.


Bio toothbrush and natural toothpaste the Humble Co.

I´m pretty happy about the fact that more and more major and indie brands both in fashion and beauty segment support social projects. There was a special brand called the Humble Co in the InStyle box which spread the word of their project. A bamboos toothbrush and a natural charcoal toothpaste are all biological and sustainable. Though I prefer my electrical toothbrush when I´m home, I´ll take this one on my next trip for sure.

The Secret Revealed by Starskin

The 7 second morning and overnight mask miracle mask pads are ones of the biggest sensations in the skincare world. They are supposed to combine 7 important steps which are: massage, peeling, toner, serum, moisturizer, and a makeup primer. It sounds just amazing, isn´t it? Small textured pads are already impregnated in a high-concentrated serum and are ready for the usage. There were two pads in the InStyle box to try out, a day and a night version of the product. Well to be honest, I love taking all those steps every day so that I won´t skip them for just one product. Still, when I´m on the go and don´t want to take all the bottles and jars with me, I would stick to this type of product because it really works.


Scented candle “Pumpkin Spice”

The moment when I found this cure candle in the box, I was super happy about it because I love candles. But then, when I discovered that it smelled like a huge portion of cinnamon, my excitement molt away. I just hate cinnamon and cannot stand it in perfumes, candles, drinks, everywhere. Well, this cutie will be gifted to anybody who will use it.

Heat & care spray by Great Length

If you blow dry or style your hair regularly, you know how important it is to protect it against heat. I always took it seriously but now I have to protect my hair even more. It suffered so much because of all the bleach and balayage sessions. I never bow dry it without a heat protecting spray. So, the miniature of the product by great length came in very handy. It protects hair up to 3000C and makes it shinier and stronger. It´s possible because of panthenol which is one of the ingredients in the spray. After using it, hair looks better and thicker and feels like silk.


Hair vitamins by Hair Burst

Fruit gum vitamins are supposed to make hair prettier, healthier, and shinier making it better from within. Additionally, they taste so well! Of course, to see the first results you have to take hair vitamins for at least three months or even longer. Otherwise it doesn´t even make much sense. Well, I enjoy taking hem every morning and want to continue using them after I´ve finished the first packaging. My hair is in such a bad condition that I´m going to take every possible step to get it healthier and smoother. So, wish me luck and in case the vitamins really work, I´ll make a separate post about them.


Coco Cabana Cream by Sol de Janeiro

The so-called oil-in-water gel cream by Sol de Janeiro is a very interesting, nourishing, and amazing smelling product. It gives your skin so much hydration that you won´t have any issues like tightness or dryness for a long time even in fall and winter. The miniature of the product I found in my box gave me a huge first impression and I definitely want to continue using this body cream. Just imagine a great body care product with a scent of coco nut, rosted pralines, and warm vanilla-latte. Isn´t it amazing?!


Chocolate “Tony´s” Chocolonely

My disappointment concerning the scented candle was sweetened away by a yummy treat by Tony´s. This Belgic chocolate is so delicious and has so many flavors and varieties. In my box I got a milk chocolate bar with caramel and sea salt. What a nice and unusual flavor it is! It fit a cup of freshly made coffee just perfectly. I will definitely try some more chocolate bars by the brand.



Hey, beauty box lovers! How did you find the InStyle box fall edition? What products do you know and what would you like to try?





*Die InStyle Box wurde von mir gekauft. Alle Meinungen sind meinen eigenen und wurde auf keine Art und Weise beeinflusst.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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