InStyle box winter edition 16 – what was in there? – review

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December is one of the favorite months of the year for so many people. There are many reasons for such love, one of them is Christmas and New Year. One gets this Christmas mood quite quickly because of all the sparkling decorations, lights, and Christmas trees all over. This is the time of giving presents. I have started to receive my presents rather early this year as a couple of days ago, I got my winter edition InStyle box. I just love getting something new unexpectedly. That is why I love the idea of such beauty boxes. There is always a chance of wonder. For the case, you want to know what I got in the fall edition of the InStyle box, you can find it here.

So, let us look inside the InStyle box and see what products have been hiding in there.


Face and body skin care

As I expected, there are many skin care products in the box which is perfect for me as my skin gets quite dry during winter. What I love in wintertime is the way how winter edition skin care products smell. There are such nice, cozy, and warm scents. The first product I want to share creates the right wintery atmosphere.

“Winter care” shower cream by Kneipp

I believe that Kneipp is a German label and I am not quite sure, whether one can get it somewhere else. As I already mentioned, this product is a nice smelling, gentle for the skin, and nourishing one. It´s scent composition of vanilla and cupuacu nutt gets you warm and comfortable like a soft cashmere sweater. I would recommend this shower cream to all vanilla lovers.

“Patchouli, vanilla, lavender” hand cream by Sabon

As I learned from the product description for the InStyle box, there were two products by sabon, a body lotion and a hand cream. As you can see I got a hand cream and I´m happy about it. To say the truth, I didn´t know anything about this label but as I tried the “patchouli, vanilla, lavender” hand cream I fell in love with this product. I always have rather dry skin and my hands need rich nutrition. This hand cream contains vitamin E and aloe vera and nourishes my hands great.


Tissue face mask “hydra bomb” by Garnier

I have been using this mask regularly for about two months already. I repurchase it every time as I like how it hydrates my skin. Especially in winter, when I get some irritations, dryness and dullness on my face. The tissue face mask is practical and easy to use. Additionally, it´s a great skin care product while traveling. I always take tissue face masks with me because they don´t need too much space, don´t leak and work well.

Exfoliating double-layer mask socks by starskin

This is one of my favorite products found in the winder edition beauty box as it works wonder. The mask socks should be put on and left for about an hour. After that all you need to do is rinsing your feet. The most important thing is that the results won´t be seen immediately after having done this treatment. Dead skin and calluses will start to peel away gradually within 7 – 10 days. After that you will wonder how smooth and beautiful your feet are. To keep the results one should use the foot mask every one – two months. This product is very useful in winter but it is a must-have in summer, when we wear all those open shoes.


“Rose goldea” body milk by Bvlgari

Rose goldea is the new fragrance line by the house of Bvlgari which is the true declaration of love to the rose flower. The body milk from this line smells exactly like the fragrance of the same name. It´s very gentle, rosy and classic. I got a miniature of the product and I really liked it. It´s also enough product in order to test it a couple of times. The body milk is a light skin care product and is perfect for using it in spring. As for cold seasons, for its texture is a little too light.


Highlighter by absolute New York

As for make-up products, there was only one in the box. I was happy to find a highlighter in the stick by absolute New York. I got the shade “Rose gold” which is quite universal and will look nice both on fair and darker skin. Its glow is very natural even if there are tinny tiny sparkling particles in it. I like using different highlighters depending on my current mood. Sometimes I want a stronger glow, but sometimes I just want something natural-looking and this product can give it to me. But if you like a cosmic glow, you won´t like this product.


Fashion & Accessories

Hair clip by Rapunzel of Sweden

The Product description to the box says that this hair clip was to find in three different colors, rose gold, gold, and silver. I picked the golden one. It looks so nice on the hair and makes even a simple pony tail much more interesting and stylish. I really like it!


Lifestyle & living

In the box, I found nice postcards in the set of three. There are stylish motivation sayings which could embellish your workplace. One could also put them into the frames and make a beautiful wall composition for your living room. I really liked the design as there is a grey-blue background with the sayings written in the copper metallic.


Food & nutrition

There were two products in this category. I have to admit that I´m not a fan of snacks and soft drinks. I am also quite choosy what I eat. But still, let us take a look at these products.


„Glitzer statt Alltag“ (to English: Sparkles instead of daily routine) by  TaTeeTaTa

Isn´t it a great name for the product?! I was happy to find a tea in my box as I love drinking tea. I have so many arts of tea at home and always find something new. I was happy until I saw the ingredients of the tea as it contains cinnamon, which I don’t like! That is why I won´t drink it. Well, maybe I´ll give it to my mom.

Spice mixture for desserts by das Zeug

This is again a German brand which created a spice mixture to improve the taste and the appearance of your desserts. There are such ingredients as orange peel, vanilla, ginger, cinnamon and star anice. It would not be so bad if cinnamon and anice hadn’t been there. So, another product which I cannot use.

InStyle fortune cookie

I love fortune cookies at Chinese restaurants. It’s always so much fun to read something about you, though it´s a kind of nonsense. I liked the idea of putting some stylish prophecies in the cookie.


Coupons and Co.

There are some coupons in every InStyle box. One can find numerous coupon codes for some German web stores. Though, the idea is pretty nice, I never used any so far.



Generally speaking, I´m really satisfied with the content of the beauty box by InStyle Germany. Such skin care products as a hand cream or a shower cream are needed constantly and it´s great to try something new. The only critique point is about the tea which I won´t drink and the spice mixture for desserts which I definitely won´t use. I liked the rest of the box but nonetheless, I expected a little bit more of Christmas surprises. Well, we´ll see, what we get in the spring InStyle box.

Best regards,

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  1. 19. December 2016 / 23:52

    what a lovely post my dear
    this is such a lovely box
    simply love it!
    lovely 🙂
    with love your AMELY ROSE

    • Daria
      23. December 2016 / 12:45

      Thank you so so much, my dear!

    • Daria
      23. December 2016 / 12:39

      Thank you! The products are lovely indeed! 🙂

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