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One day before Christmas I received the beauty box of the season, namely the Instyle box winter edition 2017/2018. My first thought was to make a review of the box right away. But then, I was in such a Christmas rush that I just decided to have a little break. Still, my intention was to make this review until the end of the year and before I leave Düsseldorf for Amsterdam to celebrate the New Year´s Eve. Let´s dive directly into the beauty box and see what exciting beauty products have been hiding in there.

Hand mask “intense Nourishment+” by SKIMONO Beauty Masks

The glove-mask is just perfect for winter because it contains such deeply nourishing ingredients like shea butter, safflower oil, aloe vera, star anise, and avocado oil which work wonders for the skin. The practical gloves make it so easy to apply. Everything you need to do is just putting them on for 30 minutes and enjoy incredibly soft and nourished hands afterward. I love hand masks, especially in winter. This one was a great catch!


HA+ Hyaluronic Acid 3 in 1 Hydra Activ Hero Cream by Figs & Rouge

This deeply nourishing and hydrating face and body cream by the British brand Figs & Rouge contains the vitamins A, C, and E. Additionally, there are precious oils in it, like sesame, carrot seeds, cucumber, avocado and other oils. All ingredients make the product an amazing skin care for a dehydrated and sensitive skin in winter. The colorful metal jar is a great highlight for every vanity. I didn´t try this cream on my face so far, but I already love it for the body.


Browttitute Eyebrow Contouring Palette by L.O.V. Cosmetics

The brand went viral in Germany and can now be found in almost every drugstore. In the Instyle box, I found the famous “Browttitute Eyebrow Contouring Palette”. Well, I count myself lucky because I picked the palette for blondes which is quite rare for me. I mostly get something for brunettes and cannot use it at all. There are four products in the palette, one wax to fix the brows and three different powder shades. I love the combination of shades because it´s not too warm or yellowish. I would recommend you to try this product is the case you prefer soft, natural-looking eyebrows. Powdery textures are perfect for such a look. In Germany, you can find this palette without any problem in almost every drugstore and it´s quite inexpensive, about 12 EUR.

Shampoo and Conditioner Frizz Ease by John Frieda

I used the hair products by John Frieda pretty much some years ago. The line „Blonde sheer“ is a great one and I would recommend it even now. Though I heard about the “Frizz Ease”, I didn´t try it. According to the description, the line is specially created for a dry and destroyed hair. This is quite my case, so I´m really excited to give it a try. In the beauty box, I found two products in a mini version, a shampoo, and a conditioner. Both products contain 50 ml of product and make it possible not only to try them but also to see after some months of using, whether they work or not.


Concealer brush by Real Techniques

I love brushes by Real Techniques and use them almost every day in my makeup routine. When I discovered the concealer brush in my beauty box, I was positively surprised. Just like all other makeup brushes by this brand, it turned out to be very qualitative. Though I personally would prefer getting another face brush because I don´t use concealer brushes for my under-eye area, it´s great to cover some pimples on the face.

Mascara “Big Five Lash Safari Keratin” by Tavana 

To be honest, I haven´t even heard of this brand before. Still, as a mascara freak, I became very excited to try this mascara. First of all, I prefer volumizing mascaras and this one does exactly what I want. Second, it contains keratin and nourishes the lashes. It is also supposed to make them grow longer. We will see if it keeps that promise. Still, I think this is a great combination of a makeup and nourishing product.


Cosmetic bag by Zoella

In the fall Instyle box (here) I found a cosmetic bag with a cute slogan, still, I personally didn´t like its quality. This one, on the contrary, is very cute, qualitative, and has a great size. I missed something like this for my travels because many of my cosmetic bags are big but too thin. It means that packing such items like a shampoo or a shower gel make it so full that I cannot zip it anymore. This cosmetic bag is not only big but also very wide. I like it!

Light bag “Baby, it´s cold outside”

This is the only item in the winter edition beauty box which confused me a little bit. The idea is cute though, but a simple paper bag will always remain a paper bag. Mine was also kinked and didn´t look pretty at all. Well, maybe when I light a candle it would look nicer, I don´t know.

Bio oat bar “apple & cinnamon” by Veganz

I love healthy snacks and eat such bars often when on the go. Still, this one is my personal no-go just because I do not like cinnamon. Someone else will eat it.



How did you find the Instyle box winter edition? What products did you like the most? 


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