InStyle Box Winter Edition 2020 – unboxing

The winter holidays are over and so is my personal short break. In December 2020 I got the latest beauty box by InStyle Germany which was filled with new amazing products and best-sellers to try. During my short break I tried them all and here comes my review on the latest InStyle Box.

Eyeshadow Palette by E.L.F.

Definitely, the highlight of the winter box is the eye shadow palette by e.l.f. 18 great, creative, and beautiful shades that fit both day and bright evening makeup. The quality of the eyeshadows is really good, they are easy to apply and are pigmented enough (although I have to say that I apply all eyeshadows on an eyeshadow base, s, I don´t know how these would perform on bare eyes). Everyone who looks for interesting, bright shades like I do, will be happy to get their hands on this palette.

Polar Night face cream by Polaar

I got to know this cream from one of the earlier InStyle boxes and I still think it’s great for winter. Arctic plants, which are found in all Polaar brand skincare products, provide deep, effective nourishment for which every type of skin will be very grateful. I especially love the Nuit Polaire cream after using fruit acid peelings and retinol applications, as it instantly makes the skin feel great, nourished, and moisturized again. It’s even suitable for sensitive skin and, believe me, it works wonders.

Original Nipple Balm by Dr. Lip

I won’t deny that the name got me into a little confusion at first. I thought, “I don’t need anything like that”! But then it turned out to be a very multifunctional product. The balm can be applied to any part of the body, starting with dry lips and elbows to hair and nipples, i.e. any part of the body that needs hydration. It consists of only one ingredient, namely the medicinal lanolin and lasts up to 100 applications. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?!

Moringa Cleansing Balm by Emma Hardie

Since I’m a big fan of cleansing oils and balms, I was happy to find this great miniature in the current box. Emma Hardie is known for creating unique facial cleansing rituals with her products. It’s not just about a great facial cleansing, but also a spa treatment for the senses, in the comfort of your own home. The essential oils like orange, neroli, tangerine, jasmine and rose oils relax and relieve stress while you take off your makeup.

Why and who should use a cleansing oil or balm? Everyone who regularly puts on make-up uses a BB or CC cream or regularly uses products with an SPF because this is the only way to get your makeup and product residues out of the pores without any problems. In any case, this cleansing balm is so good that I can highly happily recommend it to anyone. It really does a great job!

Hot Chili Lip Booster by Artdeco

Who doesn’t want their lips to be more sensual, beautiful, and voluminous?! You can get it using the so-called lip plumpers and get it in a natural way. The Artdeco Lip Booster is exactly this type of lip plumper. Thanks to the fiery chili pepper, the blood circulation in the lips is stimulated, which gives them volume and pretty, healthy color. A great invention for everyone who loves lip glosses and wants a great result in a quick and natural way without any injections. The color of the lip gloss is beautiful and it feels comfortable on the lips. I love it!

Keratin hair mask by My New Hair

The hair mask is specially created for brittle, dry, and damaged hair. Thanks to the keratin and coconut oil, your hair gets deep care, extra nourishment, it´s much smoother and shinier. This product is a must for damaged and/or bleached hair!

Mini wallet

A nice practical wallet goes in every situation, right?! This one is especially great because it has a beautiful, bright color and a sweet motto on the inside, “Money, Honey”. A small but nice one, it fits in every bag or pocket.

“Natural Defense” tea by Teatox

A cup of tea is a great ritual in winter because tea makes you feel more comfortable and cozier immediately. The “Natural Defense” tea offers not only a delicious hot drink but also energy for every new day. Green tea with ginger is also known for its ability to boost the immune system and to have antibacterial properties. Pomegranate and sencha also ensure that the tea tastes particularly fruity. The perfect drink for cold seasons is found.

Bread topping by mykraut

A bread topping for everyone who loves sandwiches. I admit that I am not the one who enjoys trying something new speaking about food. Actually, I am very picky about my food. For me, most spices are a no-go. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t dared to try the bread topping yet. But maybe I will risk it in near future.

Which products from the box did you like? Which of them did you hear about?





*I purchased the InStyle Box myself. 

*not sponsored 

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