InStyle box fall edition 17 – what was in there?

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I think that new beauty and makeup products can be a nice good mood booster, especially, in the begin of fall. The weather in Düsseldorf turned to be rainy and cold, but there is something that lightened up my fall blues.

Sheet mask „Herb garden tea tree“ by Beyond

Though I don´t know this Korean brand, I´m pretty sure that I will like its products. All skin care creams and face masks with tea tree I have already tried, I liked very much. Additionally, I love using sheet masks. They are very practical and easy to use. These masks by Beyond are all natural and don´t contain alcohol, parabens, or mineral oil. I´m happy to try a new sheet face mask on one of my next trips.


 “Hot Eyes Steam Mask” by Ivy

I have been using this steam mask for several months and love the results. Though I had some difficulties to buy the product in Germany, since September it will be available in many big department stores and online. So, I will finally be able to purchase it here without ordering it in other countries. This mask is the best eye care product I´ve ever tried. I literally see and feel how nice, smooth, and relaxed my eye area gets. It´s not only a standard eye care product, it´s also a nice wellness at home. Everything you need to do is open up the packaging. Getting in contact with oxygen, the mask starts to warm up to 35-40°C. The warmth leads to active blood circulation and helps against dark rings under the eyes, swollen under-eye areas and tired looking appearance. It also lets you feel relaxed which is perfect after a stressful and busy day.


Hand cream by L´Occitane en Provence

I have been using the products by L´Occitane for some years. I like to use them, especially in fall and winter because of the rich texture. It´s perfect for dry skin as it hydrates and nourishes at the same time. The hand cream also has a rich texture and is one of the bestsellers of the brand. The miniature I found in the box, is big enough to use it on the go (or having it in your bag) or to give it a good try in case you still didn´t try it.

instyle_box_fall_edition_dbkstylez_beauty_бьюти_инстайл_lóccitane „Merci Handy“ hand cleansing gel

Being a student, I got used to applying a hand sanitizer regularly and always have it in my bag. In many situations, this habit was very practical and useful. Especially in fall and winter, when so many people catch a cold, it´s important to cleanse your hands carefully. In the InStyle box fall edition, I found a nice smelling hand cleansing gel named “merci handy” which is perfect for having it in the bag. It not only makes your hands absolutely clean, it also has a nice cherry smell. I´m glad to have this product as I´ve almost run out of the one I´ve been using. I have to admit that my sanitizer from the chemists doesn’t smell the way this little helper does. Probably, it´s a sanitizer with the best smell at all.


Nail polish „ICONails Gel Lacquer“ by Catrice

Gel nail polishes without an LED lamp became very popular because of the simplicity and great and long-lasting results. I also like using them and enjoy a great manicure lasting six to seven days. The nail polish by Catrice is supposed to last up to seven days without using any top-coat. We´ll see, whether it´s true or not, but the color of the polish I picked up in the fall beauty box is very pretty. It´s called “It´s all about that Red” and is a perfect classic red. I think that such color can be worn all year long, at least I wear it very often both in summer and winter. So, I´m excited to try this product out and test, whether it will last the promised seven days. What do you think?

Eyeshadow by Douglas

The mono-eyeshadow by the German brand Douglas in the shade “sterling eyes” is a beautiful khaki with some gold in it. It´s great for accentuating the eyes or making a fall smoky eye makeup. The eyeshadow is good pigmented and easy to blend. Though, you cannot compare it with such eyeshadows as the products by Too Faced, Kat von D or Jeffree Star. Nonetheless, the quality of this product is pretty good and the price is much lower. I will use it for sure in my fall makeups.

Super Skinny Serum by Paul Mitchell

For sure, you had such an experience that your washed hair was wet and you didn´t have enough time to blow-dry it the proper way. Blowing-dry a long hair lasts at least 15 minutes or even more when you decide to style it. Is it any chance to get it faster? Yes, it is. Such hair products as „super skinny serum“ by Paul Mitchell are created to reduce the needed time of the blowing-dry of your hair. The product pulls water out of the hair and let it get dry visibly faster. It also contains vitamins which nourish it, make it smooth and straight. The serum works really good and shows nice results. I like using it when I´m in a rush. Though, in case you have colored or dyed your hair like me, you shouldn´t use it every time you wash your hair. The product could dry out the ends of your hair a little bit if you do so. That is why I use it when I really need it.



Body care by Frei Öl

The German brand “Frei Öl” created a body skincare product containing plant oil and vitamins. This is a thick and rich product which you will enjoy if you have dry skin. The product is also supposed to reduce such skin problems like scars, stretch marks and uneven skin coloration like sun freckles. It sounds really great but as my own experience shows, the chance these skin issues improve drastically after having used it, are minimal. My little scar on the right hand didn´t disappear anywhere. Still, the product is great for taking care of your body during cold seasons.

Cosmetic bag “Hell yeah!”

The cosmetic bag with a slogan “hell, yeh” is your must-have in case you´re constantly looking for your lipstick or powder in your bag. I have many cosmetic bags and use them a lot. It´s very practical for every day or a travel. I also like the design of it. So, I will use it for sure.


Shower gel “Eingekuschelt” by Kneipp

The shower gel by the German brand Kneipp called “Eingekuschelt” which means “nestled” is a nice product when it gets cold, grey, and rainy. It smells like sandalwood and cinnamon and creates a warm and cozy feeling. Natural ingredients don´t let the skin dry out and cleanse it very soft and gentle. To me, such a product is a must-have for every fall and winter.


 Glück raspberry jam by Purer Genuss

A jar of a delicious raspberry jam – what can be better for fall and winter? I like raspberries and eat them a lot. Every time I eat a raspberry jam, I remember my mom giving me two-three spoons of it eating with a hot cup of tea. It´s healthy, tasty and makes wonder in case you´ve caught a cold.


Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Bar by Be-Kind

Sometimes my days are so busy that I don´t have time to have lunch and that is why I always keep a protein bar or nut bar in my bag. Such snacks are pretty much healthier than chips or cookies and keep me full for a long time. So, I´m excited to try this bar as I love dark chocolate.



The Instyle box fall edition is a great combination of useful and practical care and beauty products. Still, I like the previous InStyle box (the summer box) a little bit more. Nonetheless, all products I found in the box are interesting to try and suit this season well.


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How did you find the InStyle box fall edition? What beauty products did you like? 

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    Очень полезный обзорчик получился. Я как раз в поисках новинок на осень!
    Кстати, буду рада подружиться блогами 🙂


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