InStyle box spring edition – what was in there?

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Hi my lovelies!

How fast time flies! March is almost over. The weather is getting better and better. Trees are becoming green and some flowers are already blooming. The whole nature is getting more colors, the sun shines warmer with every new day. I am happy just because of the sun, flowers, and warmth. But today I´m even happier as I received the new InStyle Box spring edition and can´t wait to share with you all the stuff I got in there. So, let´s get started!

I AM PURE Pre-Shampoo Treatment by Udo Walz Berlin

The treatment should be applied on the hair roots before the actual hair wash for 5 minutes. It contains clay and green tea extract. Clay absorbs all residues from your hair and green tea extract calms down the head skin. After application, you should wash and style your hair as usual and enjoy clean and voluminous hair. The “I am PURE” treatment is a great product which really cleans the hair roots much deeper than a normal shampoo. The miniature of the product contains 100 ml which is more than enough to test and see, whether you like the results.


Body Silk by Apple & Bears

You could get one of the four different versions of the body silk in the spring InStyle box. I picked the “bergamot & green tea” and I really like it. I am a huge green tea fan and fond of every product which contains this ingredient. The body silk has a nice light texture and smells very good. The miniature contains 50 ml which makes it perfect to take it with you on a short trip.


Handcream by  Ipuro

I found a hand cream „energizing grass“ by Ipuro in my spring box. Though there were three different possible versions of it, I am happy to have this one. It contains aloe vera and makes my hands so soft. I also like its neutral but nice smell. The small package of 40 ml makes it the perfect cream to go, as it won´t take too much space in your bag.


Liquid soap by Palmolive

Who doesn´t know Palmolive? I remember when I was a child and saw the bottles with colorful shower gels by this brand, I found them so beautiful and well-smelling. I purchase them regularly as I love them up to now. But to be honest, I never tried a liquid soap by Palmolive. For years, I´ve been using different liquid soaps and it´s great to get and try a new one. It´s a qualitative product with a nice and flowery smell.


Refreshing Scrub Mask by JorgObé

This 2-in-1 face mask can be used as a peeling or as a deep cleaning mask, which should be used once a week. I really like this product as it cleans my pores from all the makeup rests. I also really appreciate that this mask consists only of natural ingredients such as kaolin, Shea butter, and apricot kernel oil. It also doesn´t contain microplastics, which is very important for me. Recently, I learned that numerous shower gels, body lotions and foundations contain this harmful ingredient. Not only does microplastics end in rivers and harm fishes and animals living in the water or near it. It also can get inside of us, as there are no such water cleansing stations which can filtrate it. That is why I´m happy to have a product which improves my skin and also doesn´t harm the environment.


 Hair tie / Bracelet by PURELEI

The idea of this product is so easy but so nice. This bracelet with a beautiful metal element can be worn as a hair tie or vice versa. I picked the golden one (again, there were four different possible colors) and I like it. The color is easy to combine with other colors and in late spring and summer, it will be a nice and practical accessory at the same time.


Unicorn tea cup

This cool hand-made tea cup with the sweetest unicorns ever became my favorite cup. It´s so cute that I use it every day for my morning coffee.


Energy bar by Nucao

I found this healthy snack in my spring beauty box. This bar contains chia seeds, almonds, and other ingredients. Though I am not a huge fan of such snacks, I will try it after my next work-out as it sounds very tasty and will energize me for sure.

Superberries plant mixture by LEBEPUR

This plant mixture includes such dried and milled berries like chokeberry, acai and raspberries. It´s perfect for cereals, shakes, and smoothies. I like and use such superfood powders a lot, so this one will definitely be part of my breakfast.



I like everything I found in the InStyle box spring edition. I think that this beauty box is getting better each time. It´s probably my favorite InStyle box from all I got. It´s so great to have a chance to learn new products and new brands which make such a nice job and work with natural ingredients. As a blogger, I love testing brand-new products and the InStyle box makes it possible for everyone. I am so excited about the summer InStyle box.


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