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Hurray, the spring has finally arrived. Though there is still some time for the real warmth to come, I already received one of the greatest beauty highlights of the season, my InStyle Box spring edition 18. This time, the box is full of trendy and interesting beauty and makeup products which will create the right spring mood. Let´s take a look at each product in detail.

Lipstick mark by Avon from the line “epic lip”

The Mark collection by Avon is quite popular at the moment because of its great quality, new and cool design and different textures and finishes. In the box, I found a lipstick in the shade “rosy outlook”. This nude shade is very pretty and will perfectly match almost all skin types. It can be easily and evenly applied even without using a lip liner. The matte finish is so comfortable to wear and doesn´t dry out the lips. I personally love such rosy nude colors and use this lipstick regularly.

Concealer in a stick by Lord & Berry

I have to admit that I always felt skeptical towards concealers in a stick form. Most of them are too hard, too heavy and don´t blend out well. That´s why I prefer using liquid concealers. The moment I found this product in the beauty box I didn´t expect much. Actually, I was sure that I never would use it. Surprisingly, I was wrong because this concealer is one of the softest products in a stick form I´ve ever tried. It also blends out with just a few motions without any visible edges. Though I was ready to change my mind about this category of product, I still can´t use it just because the shade (by the way, I got the shade “beige”) is too dark for me. Well, maybe I could use it to conceal some irritations and imperfections on my face in summer when I get a little bit of a tan, we´ll see.

Royal blush by Rimmel London

When I saw the color of the blush named “coral queen” I wasn´t sure whether I could use it. It seemed just too bright for my fair skin. Additionally, it´s a cream blush which I actually don´t like. Still, I decided to give it a shot. The product turned out to be very subtle and looked very natural. I really like it and think that it could be a lifesaver on hot summer days because it´s also a long-lasting one and will survive even a day on the beach.

Micellar solution by + a miniature of the BB body cream “sun 365” Lancaster

I love micellar solutions to cleanse my face at the end of the day. Even when I don´t wear any makeup I use it to be sure that all impurities and sebum are gone. This product is perfect for a deep skin cleansing. It contains 100 ml of the product and is practical for traveling. It´s suitable for a sensitive skin and does not cause any redness or pimples. In my case, some micellar solutions caused horrible breakouts on my skin. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone. I love how effective and sensitive it is at the same moment.

Lancaster prepared another beauty product for us in the current box. It was a miniature of the BB body cream “sun 365”. The miniature contains 15 ml which is enough to try it once or twice. I like the whole collection “sun 365” and this product is not an exception. It has such a nice and light texture and has an SPF 15. Well, it´s definitely not enough for a day on the beach but it´s a great benefit for everyday life in the city.

Stick-it notes with a cloud design

These cute and practical stick-in notes are a must-have for every person who reminds him-/herself or his/her family members of something important. I personally like them so much and I´m glad to use them because I´ve almost run out of mine. Additionally, my inner kid loves all the colorful and fun stuff life erasers, pens, stickers and so on. I also plan everything with a great pleasure. So, I definitely see me using them a lot.

28 black energy drink and the coconut chips with a caramel flavor by Heimatland

Well, here we go again. Frankly, I don´t like such a snack and try to not to have it at home. As for the energy drink, I better stick to my traditional energy spring called caffeine. Such coconut chips may taste delicious, but they have so many calories and don´t even make full. So, I better have some cucumbers and carrots for a snack.

Healthy soy renewal hair oil by Sexyhair

I´ve always paid much attention to my hair. Now, after a couple of chemical treatments, I need even more nourishment and care for it. That´s why I love using argan oil. I skipped it just once because I´d run out of it and could see it immediately. My hair wasn´t smooth and shiny anymore. I think I don´t need to tell you that I ordered my favorite argan oil the same day. This hair oil contains argan oil, sunflower oil, and soybean oil. This mix makes the hair shiny and feels smoothly and softly. It also has a UV protection which is amazing especially for dyed hair. The best thing about this product is also the fact that it doesn´t leave any oily layer on your hair and doesn´t weigh down it.

Banana setting powder by Bellá Pierre Cosmetics

All makeup lovers know what a banana setting powder is good for. It perfectly covers dark circles under the eyes, imperfections, and redness on the face. I didn´t hear anything about this brand before and didn´t expect it to be something special. I also mostly use expensive setting powders because I had some bad experiences with the budget ones. I have to tell you that it completely blew me away. The moment I set my concealer with this setting powder it looked flawless. I didn´t need any touch-ups throughout the day because it looked amazing. Since then, I use it practically every day and love how my undereye area looks.

Mango lip butter by Korres

Last but not least, there was a lip butter with a mango smell by Korres in the box. To me, it was an additional brownie point because the product is amazing in case you have dry lips like myself. It smells so delicious and still natural. It contains shea butter and beeswax to deeply nourish the lips.



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