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As I have been ordering the InStyle Box by German InStyle for quite a long period of time, I´m always waiting for it every season break. This time was not an exception and I waited for the summer beauty box rather impatiently. As I received it today, the first thing I did, was running to the kitchen and taking my scissors in order to open it and take a look at what was in there. If you are interested in all the products that had been in the box just like me, let´s open it together.

Argan Oil of Morocco Renewing Shampoo & Conditioner by OGX

The power of the argan oil as a skin and hair care product is well known. This kind of oil nourishes deeply and is suitable for almost every skin hair type. The set-of-two found in the box consists of the renewing shampoo and conditioner by OGX in a practical travel-size version. The products have a unique formula which helps to nourish hair and protect it against damages caused by UV-rays and heat. It´s important especially in summer time when we spend so much time in the sun. This hair care line is created for damaged hair, be that by chemical treatments, dryness caused by the sun and heat or just frequent styling. The practical travel-size bottles are great to take them with you on vacation as they don´t take too much space and will protect the quality of your hair.


Mattissim Lipstick by Douglas

Everyone in Germany knows that Douglas (a huge makeup store like Sephora) has its own makeup and skin care label. At the Douglas counter, you can always find new makeup trends and a good quality. In the summer beauty box, I found a matte liquid lipstick by Douglas in a beautiful summer color “Señora“. The color is very intensive and bold. It can be nicely worn for a date or just for going out. Additionally, the lipstick has a nice, smooth texture and doesn´t get sticky on the lips.



Soup Pink Pepper & Grapefruit“ by Acqua Colonia

The soup will make every hand wash a nice sensual experience as it gives a deep aroma of rose pepper and sparkling grapefruit. Especially in summer, such floral fragrances are pleasant and soothing as they give you a smell of nature. As I recently returned to soups instead of using liquid hand washes, I am glad to find this product, which will take its place in my guest bathroom.


Body milk by Treaclemoon

The body milk „soft watermint rain“ is perfect for summer as it gives a nice freshness and coolness to your skin. The texture of the product is very light and it´s being absorbed very quickly. It´s so practical in the summer. Additionally, the body milk is suitable for dry skin and will give a nice feeling of a deeply hydrated skin.


Self-tanning natural & uniform body color by Comodynes

The self-tanning glove is the best decision for those who don´t like spending too much time in the sun or just need a beautiful tan quickly. The innovative ingredients of the product adapt to every skin color and make a natural-looking tan, both on fair and dark skin tones. The nice and intense results are seen within three hours without any effort.

Hydrating face mask by Aldo Vandini

I like Aldo Vandini and tried many body care products by this label. All products I tested smelled so good and the package is very pretty. In the summer beauty box, I found two hydrating face masks with the extract of caviar and the hyaluronic acid. These ingredients help to hydrate the skin and make fine lines less visible. The face mask is very good and will suit dry and normal skin to 100%.


Botanicals Fresh Care by L’oréal Paris

The geranium gloss-ritual tonic is a miracle cure for matte and dull hair. Colored hair can also be treated with the tonic which will make it look healthier and shinier. The ingredients like geranium, soy, and coconut oil nourish the hair and give it brilliance. Of course, the product doesn´t contain any parabens, silicones, or synthetic dyes. I already tried a hydrating hair mask “botanicals fresh care” and was absolutely satisfied with the results. So, I´m pretty sure that this product will also work out for me.


Mark Gel Shine Nail Polish by Avon

Since my teenage time, Avon has belonged to one of my favorites, as the label always had something new, well-smelling and pretty. I remember how much I liked looking through the catalogs and writing down the numbers of the products I liked. Recently Avon launched the brand-new line “Mark” with a numerous makeup collection. In the summer InStyle box, I found a nail polish in the color “Fabulous”. The nail polish has a gel-look which gives a pretty, shiny finish without using many coats and UV-lamp. I like such gel-look nail polishes as I get a nice manicure in a professional style and can wear it up to one week. The nail polishes “Marks” by Avon count 33 trendy colors to choose from. So, I think, it´s a great news and a nice chance to become nostalgic and visit Avon´s website.

Magic Rubberbands by Rapunzel of Sweden

The trendy rubber bands are perfect for every day. In the box, I found the set-of-five in different colors. Such rubber bands are practical, especially for fine hair. It is known how quickly fine hair buckles, but not with such bands. Probably, like every girl, I constantly lose my hair bands, so these ones will be definitely used.


Pins by Levi´s

Everyone knows that denim is extremely in at the moment. In order to pimp up your denim jacket, you can use patches or pins (another trendy detail). In the summer beauty box, there were two cute pins by Levi´s which can be pinned on every jacket for a more individual look. I like the idea and will try them out.


Luggage tag by InStyle

In my beauty box, I also found a cute luggage tag by InStyle with a flamingo motive. It is useful for me as I have some trips beforehand and will use this cutie for my luggage for sure.

Popcorn „Magic Mix“ by Corn Chico

This popcorn is a different kind of snacks which is made in Germany. This popcorn has different flavors such as blueberry, strawberry, caramel, and others. Additionally, it´s low in calories and that is why it is a great snack even in the evening while watching a film. Frankly, I am not a huge fan of snacks in general, so this product is not 100% mine. Still, if you like popcorn, it´s a nice product to try.



The InStyle box summer edition 17 is a box full of nice products. Though I liked the spring edition (here) a little bit more, still, it´s a great box. The products I picked are interesting to try. I really like such beauty boxes and enjoy opening them. So, I´m already excited to find out what will be hiding in the next box.



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How did you like the InStyle Box summer edition?  Do you order any beauty boxes?

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