Is it a cargo or a safari look? – It doesn´t really matter when it´s pretty

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Hi, beauties! I must admit that I didn´t expect the impact a picture with the first cargo outfit on my Instagram would make (it was my last fashion post on the blog which you can find here). My community literally split up into two groups. The first group loved my cargo pants and after having seen me wearing them, many girls felt ready to purchase similar ones. The second group though, found that outfit a bit too sturdy. Well, I´m aware that we all have different tastes and it´s great. Still, to me, it´s quite frustrating to see so many young girls and women feeling that serious about fashion and trends in general. Dear girls, all the fun trends are made for us to play with them and learn more about ourselves discovering different facets of our personality. It shouldn´t be seen that serious. If you don´t experiment with your style now, you will never try anything different and new. We live only once, and we will never be as young as we are right now. Life is actually too short to take anything way top serious. I´m so damn sure about great stylish benefits of the cargo trend that I decided to give it another shot to prove to you how gorgeous and versatile it can be. That´s why I prepared the second cargo look which is quite different from the Lara Croft-inspired one.

This cargo look is to fell in love with

I already spoke about the fact that some details of the cargo style had been “borrowed” by the safari style. Patch pockets and comfortable cuts practically belong to the safari style. This is what makes these two different styles quite difficult to distinguish. Actually, this is what happened with my today´s outfit. Originally, this jumpsuit is a cargo piece but because of its cut, color, and pockets, it can be looked at as a safari piece too. We can argue about which style this jumpsuit really belongs to, but I think that such pieces are so close to both style that everyone can see in them what he or she wants and likes most. Isn´t it practical? If you don´t like the cargo style, just think of it as of a safari jumpsuit and vice versa. The one thing we can all agree on is that this piece is very pretty.

Jumpsuits are comfy and practical for every occasion

You may say that all jumpsuits are comfy and practical. Maybe, but many of them are comfy only until the moment you´ve got to go to the toilette. This one is super comfy even in such a situation, even if you´re alone and there is nobody to help you if you know what I mean. Additionally, thanks to the patch pockets in the upper part of the jumpsuit, it flatters almost every body type amazingly. If you don´t have enough volume in your upper body, such details will be your best friends because they balance all proportion out and make your breasts look bigger. Though in my opinion, it´s a jumpsuit in the cargo style, I decided to add some details which make it even more similar to a safari look. I chose the leo printed ankle-boots with quite unusual heels. For more color pep; I decided for a bag by Furla in a juicy red color. I love how elegant and sophisticated this outfit turned out to be. What would you say? Did I get your attention towards the cargo trend?

I´m weaeing: jumpsuit by Na-Kd (here) / ankle-boots by Stradivarius, similar ones here / bag by Furla, similar here and here

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