It´s all about green

The best thing about summer is all the bright and light outfits one can wear every day. In the summer heat one can wear really short pieces as hot pants without any hesitation. To be honest I am not a huge fan of the underwear style but there are some pieces that look really cute. That is why I purchased the pastel mint overall by New Look the moment I´d seen it. This overall is so light and feels like a second skin. It is just perfect for the hot days. Additionally, it looks quite elegant even with flat and comfortable shoes. The lace on the back of the overall gives it more femininity and a comfort while wearing it. I wanted to remain in the greens and decided for the green plateau shoes by Osvaldo Martini. These shoes are the real eye-catcher because of their chains and stones decorations. As for the accessories, I chose a green statement ring which I found traveling in Milan. The earrings and the bracelet are also in green but in a much deeper, emerald tone.

New Look 22

New Look 11

New Look 44

New Look 55

New Look 33

New Look 66

New Look 1

I´m wearing:

Overall by New Look

Shoes by Osvaldo Martini

Statement Ring was found in Milan

Bracelet by EVI

Earrings by SIX

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