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All who know me or follow my blog for a long time know how much I enjoy trying new eyeshadows. I love unique and extraordinary colors. My great love is eyeshadow palettes as you get a bunch of colors to create both day and night makeup. Trying out so many eye products and eyeshadow palettes, I found tops and flops. As for my personal all-time favorites, there are the “Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar” by Too Faced and the “Shade & Light” by Kat von D. As I heard so much about Jeffree Star Cosmetics, I wanted to give it a try and test some of its best sellers. That is why I decided to order the newest eyeshadow palette “Androgyny” by the brand. To kill two or better say three birds with one stone, I also picked out a highlighter from the famous line “Skin Frost” and a liquid lipstick from the line “Velour Liquid Lipstick”. Are these products so good? What are they being hyped for? Let´s stick to business.

Eyeshadow palette „Androgyny“


Packaging and design

This palette is one of the most beautiful beauty products so far. The design is so stylish that it will make a statement beauty piece on your vanity for sure. The pink cover in a snake leather look blew my mind. I cannot say anything bad about the quality of the packaging, though, I was a little bit disappointed when I got my eyeshadow palette via mail, as it was broken. Fortunately, there was just one color broken (probably my box had been dropped). I could even fix it the best way I could. So, I still can use it.


The product and the quality

The “Androgyny” palette contains 10 colors. Every eyeshadow is a big full slot, so, there is a lot of product. I fell in love with this palette because all ten colors are so unique and extraordinary ones. That is why I actually decided for this product. Every color is so special. All of them are easy to blend and to work with in general. Both matte ones and metallics have a nice, light texture and are so buttery. Even such “complicated” colors like “Charm”, “Dominatrix” or “Swallow” blend easily and barely have a fall-out. The metallics are very intensive and pigmented. Even while applying them dry, they appear to be extremely metallic on the lid. They also don´t fall out and don´t spread shimmer particles all over the face. To me, this eyeshadow palette is a great catch.


(42,80 EUR)

Highlighter “Skin Frost” in the shade “Lavender Snow”

Packaging and design

Just like the eyeshadow palette “Androgyny”, the highlighter collection “Skin Frost” is a huge success on the beauty market. The highlighters are also presented in a similar Barbie-pink color design. The collection counts 10 different highlighter shades. I personally like and use quite different tones, from the classic champagne color to golden and lilac ones. To say the truth, it wasn´t an easy decision to pick just one from the line. After some consideration, I decided for the “Lavender Frost”.


(28,80 EUR)

When I opened the product for the first time, I was hooked because you get such a great amount of a highlighter in the pan. This highlighter is definitely the biggest one I have in my makeup collection. Additionally, there is a big mirror in it. It´s so big that it makes the product just perfect to use while doing the whole face makeup.

Quality of the product

As you may know, Jeffree Star is a huge fan of highlighters himself. So, it was clear that he would bring out many in his makeup line. He prefers strong and intensive glowing, so he made his highlighters to his liking. All 10 colors are very pigmented and very shiny. I would even say, they have a metallic shine to them. The “Lavender Frost” is not an exception! If you like a more subtle glow, these bad boys are not for you because this highlighting will be seen from everywhere. I directly fell in love with this product. The „Lavender Frost“ creates a beautiful, cool glow on the skin which is perfect in case you have fair skin. This color will also be perfect for winter. The amount of the product makes it possible to use it both on face and body, without being afraid to run out of it too fast. I will try more of Jeffree Star´s famous highlighters for sure. They are the must-have for every beauty junky who loves intensive glow moments.


Velour Liquid Lipstick

Packaging & design

These liquid lipsticks are best sellers as well. In the collection, you can find everything, from bold and extraordinary blue, green, or yellow ones to more classic and neutral ones. The collection is also very stylish and has a Barbie-pink tip decorated with stars. By the way, you will find numerous stars on every beauty product by Jeffree Star Cosmetics as he chose it the brand´s symbol. These liquid lipsticks also march to a different drummer in comparison with many other lipsticks. Well, Jeffree likes to be seen.


(18,00 EUR)

Quality of the product

I chose the shade „Celebrity Skin“ and by doing it found my personal perfect nude shade. The collection “Velour Liquid Lipstick” is long-lasting, though, compared to many other similar lip products, these are very comfortable to wear. It doesn´t dry out the lips and looks pretty and flawless for hours. The texture of the product is not too liquid and the color is very pigmented, which makes the lipstick very easy to apply even without any lip liner. The unique brush has one flat side and makes the application most simple and comfortable. It’s easy to apply even to the edges of the lips. The lipsticks are absolutely long-lasting and kiss-safe. I´m in love with this collection!



I´m in love with all three products I´ve tested. The eyeshadow palette “Androgyny” has an A1 quality and unique colors. You can definitely do every makeup of yours special with this palette. Additionally, you can use the color “Safe Word” as a countering product. Its undertone is grayish-cool, which will do a great job on your face. To me, this palette is perfect and it even became my number one. I didn´t expect I would love it so much.

The highlighter “Skin Frost” is one of the best highlighting products I´ve used in my life. It´s exactly what I expected from it and even more. It´s huge, beautiful, highly pigmented and gorgeous. Now, I´m excited to try other colors from the collection because they are such stunner.

The Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Celebrity Skin” is the shade to die for. The product is very pigmented, has a nice texture and stays pretty for a long time. What could one want more? I´m going to expand my lipstick collection and order some other shades from this great collection.


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Did you try makeup products by Jeffree Star Cosmetics?

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