Jogger pants – a sport chic outfit suitable for fall


Sport chic style is one of the most popular ones at the moment. We got to know and love it a couple of years ago and it has still been remaining on top. It´s no wonder because outfits in sport chic style are very easy to make and they look extremely cool. Though I used to be a person who didn´t understand and like it, the more I tried mixing and matching, the more I felt like it was exactly what I missed in my style. One of the best sport chic combinations is the mixture of sports pieces and the more classic ones. My today’s outfit is a great example of how to mix those absolutely different pieces in one outfit. Still, it is very versatile and can be worn even at events with a free dress-code.

Jogger pants make a great statement, especially paired with a classic shirt

Jogger pants are a very practical and versatile piece. Let´s make it clear that it´s mostly not traditional sports pants as we know them. Very often, such pants only look like sports ones but are made of a different fabric which looks better and keeps its shape much longer. So, often it´s a kind of imitation but of course, you are free to choose your real jogger pants for your outfit. Mine are definitely not made for workouts. Creating a trendy outfit, you need a huge style crush. That is why classic pieces are the best to pay your attention to while styling your outfit. Jogger pants paired with a classic shirt, a trenchcoat, and high heels are perfect to make a sport chic outfit to break necks. Such combinations look modern and still elegant because classic pieces make the sporty touch less visible.

As for my today´s outfit, I wanted to keep it casual but still elegant. That´s why I picked a classic white shirt on the one hand. On the other hand, it´s not that basic because of all the patches. To keep it casual and sporty, I decided for white sneakers on the platform. My pants are quite colorful, so I kept it simple using only white color to accomplish the look. Still, if you want to stick to something more neutral, I can highly recommend you Alba Moda where you can find different joggers and pants with a cool sporty touch in neutral colors. Additionally, the shopping platform celebrates its birthday and you can find many discounts there too. The best thing about such pants is the fact that they look amazing both with sneakers and high heels. So, you´ll get many options to wear them. Believe me, they will turn into your go-to pants.

I´m wearing: shirt by Philipp Plein / jogger pants by Na-Kd / sneakers by Nike



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