Kokain – the new fragrance by Rammstein

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When your favorite singer creates a perfume, it´s a big deal for all fans. I felt the same the moment I heard that Rammstein launched their first perfume. Maybe I wouldn´t even try it because I don´t like getting a scent online which I don´t even know how it smells like. But recently, a friend of mine told me that one can find it in all Rossmann stores in Germany. Luckily, I have one just near my house, so I went there directly. Obviously, if I hadn´t bought it, this blog post wouldn´t even exist. So, voilà, here is the Kokain perfume by Rammstein. Let´s talk about what makes it so special and why it´s not everyone´s cup of tea.

The first perfume by Rammstein: the Kokain

For sure, all fans among you know that the band has the song called Kokain as well. Looking at the bottle, I´m immediately getting the sound of it in my ears. The description of the scent makes it clear that you´ll get something extraordinary. See the translation from German below:

“ Kokain is 100% Ramsmtein, it´s spectacular and in the full sense of the word “rammstein-esque”. Such notes like the pure cocaine and heroin open the top note of the scent to meet the staccato of the strong notes of gasoline and patchouli. The end notes of burned woods, leather, and burning fire round up the scent composition.”

The perfume is supposed to be unisex. Though I think that after having read the description many gals would think that the scent is a strong one meant for men.

How does the “Kokain” composition open on the skin:

Of course, we all are different and smell the same scents completely differently. In case, you prefer sweet perfumes, this one will be a complete fail for you. But if you like deep notes like woods and leather with a little sweetness, you´ll enjoy the perfume the way I do. In my eyes, it´s more a womens’ scent than a unisex one. In the beginning, it really opens a little bit strong, but it doesn’t last long and the scent transforms into a sweetish one. The light sweetness combined with woody and leather notes creates a deep and sensual combination.

The description of the perfume depicts it much harder than it really is. So, I cannot smell the notes of gasoline in it at all and that´s great. To me, it´s 100% women scent and it absolutely doesn´t smell too strong and manly in my opinion.

Who will love the “Kokain” scent?

First of all, if you are fans of the band Rammstein, you will enjoy having the bottle even if you won´t use it as a perfume. The bottle looks very cool and stylish. Its great design and logos of the band make it an eye-catching item on every vanity and will be a great piece of your Rammstein collection.

All gals who prefer a little bit sweetish perfumes with woody and leathery notes will love it too. I personally love them and that´s why I use it quite regularly.

Speaking of the price, it´s quite on budget for a perfume. You´ll get a 50ml bottle only for 19,95 EUR which is less than many other brands´ offers. You can save some cash and still get a great perfume with nice quality. It also lasts pretty long on your skin, so you´ll enjoy the scent for a long time. In Germany, you can get the “Kokain” in all Rossmann stores and on the official Rammstein website.


What are your favorite perfumes? Share your faves in the comments!





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  1. Mary
    11. July 2019 / 17:40

    This sounds like a very unusual perfume. Really cool!!!!


    Mary Lou

  2. Lyna
    6. September 2019 / 13:06

    Hello Daria,

    Loved reading your post. I live in France where this perfume is not available. Since I will be visiting Munich in november, I was wondering if I could still find it in Rossmann stores?

    Thank you for your answer

    Best regards

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