Laser depilation system by Philips – review

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Philips Laserlampe1

Every woman dreams of beautiful and hair-free legs and co. I am not an exception. That is why I decided to purchase a depilation system by #Philips in order to get rid of hair for a long period of time.

I decided for the Philips Lumia Essential. This device is only for the body application. It is not supposed to be used on the face. It is recommended to apply the system one in two weeks for seven sessions and after that once in 4-5 weeks. I meant is serious and even set a reminder to be sure I apply it every two weeks.

Philips Laserlampe3

The process of depilation is supposed to be pain-free. Well, it was painful for me. Especially on the bikini–zone it was really a kind of torture. But I wanted a hair-free skin so badly. After every session I hoped that my hair would fall out or at least grow slower. But nothing did happen! All my hair are still with me.

Philips Laserlampe2


Such laser depilation systems are really expensive. I bought my device for ca. 300 EUR. For this money I expected it to work somehow. Every depilation session was painful (at least it was painful for me) and brought nothing. Every time I think about the price I´ve paid for it, it puts me in a bad mood.

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