Leather track pants – a great mix of coolness and casualty

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Hi, beauties! I think that even neutral basics in our wardrobes should make a statement. Even if it’s a small and reserved statement, every piece of clothing should express something. If it is not the case, you have to create that certain something adding other pieces and/or accessories. But one thing is clear, without a statement there is no outfit. If you are looking for a great and versatile statement piece, I would definitely recommend track pants in a leather look.


Leather track pants – a piece that takes every look to a completely different level

For some time now, the fashion world has loved the cool and stylish track pants or simply said, jogging pants. You don’t necessarily have to see them as part of the sports style. You can do so much more with this kind of pants. But if you are looking for something special, you are in the right place with leather sweatpants. My own wardrobe got so much richer with just this one piece.

The nice thing is that track pants in leather look can be worn in a more elegant and classic, as well as in a cooler casual way. The leather look is much more suitable for style breaks than classic sweatpants made of fabric. For example, I love wearing them with a Victorian blouse and high heels. You can find an outfit inspiration here. The secret is the leather which takes even sporty cuts to a much higher and sophisticated level.




A cool casual look with a touch of rock’n’roll? – Nothing easier than that with track pants

For today’s outfit, I wanted the sweatpants to look cool but casual. For this, I added a white crop top and a black plaid blazer. So, you can see the sporty cut of the pants in the best way and the blazer connects the two parts just perfectly. To keep the street style vibe, I chose the Jordans by Dr. Martens.


I´m wearing: blazer by Na-Kd / pants by Na-Kd / top by Missguided / boots by Dr. Martens / 


How do you like this combination? Would track pants in leather look be something for you?




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