Leather trend: one can never have enough of it

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Hi, beauties! Leather is one of those materials which can be both very sensual and extreme cool. That´s why you should put your attention to leather pieces and make them your fashion friends. Nowadays, there are so many completely different leather pieces to choose from that even the shyest girls will find the right one to feel comfortable in. Additionally, you can always stick to leather details and accessories to make every outfit of yours look more stylish and individual. For that reason, I decided to show you another leather trend-based outfit which is so chic that it basically can be worn to almost every occasion.

Leather and ruffles, this is how you get elegance and coolness under one umbrella

Leather pieces suit different breaks in style just perfectly.  In the meantime, we all know how gorgeous leather jackets look paired with feminine floral dresses. Leather pants paired with elegant blouses with ruffles, bell-sleeves or embroidery just as well. Such combinations not only look like streetstyle outfits but also fresh and modern.

I decided to make my outfit even more exciting and paired leather tracker pants with a white blouse in Victorian style. To keep the original character of each piece, I chose an oversized trench coat in a neutral color. Such oversized cuts are a great link between different pieces in the outfit which makes them all look harmonic together and still beam with their own energy. Speaking of the shoes, they are a huge statement just because of their stiletto style and extremely cool black studs. The outfit contains only neutral colors which is why another statement piece can easily be added. This statement had to be another leather piece, a cool beret by Stradivarius. I added two leather pieces in the outfit which look casual and still super chic thanks to different styles and textures put together. My favorite down bag also suits the outfit just great and gives it an unusual, cozy touch. Still, even in this case, I decided to keep the neutral color palette to keep the French elegance mood.

I´m wearing: trench coat by H&M / blouse by Shein / pants by Na-Kd / ankle-boots by Ego / beret by Stradivarius / bag by Zara /

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You can always start small

Though I find my today´s outfit quite neutral, I know that some girls could still feel insecure while wearing leather pants. In this case I would recommend you start small and add one leather accessory like a leather beret into your outfit. Just imagine the same outfit as I´m wearing in the pics but with simple jeans or normal black pants instead of leather pants. The leather beret will be THE element of your outfit which pep it elevating the whole look and you can still feel super comfortable. So, getting used to leather pieces step by step one day you´ll be eager to try out some major leather pieces too.

Do you already have leather pants? How do you prefer to style them?






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