Les 4 ombres 93 Smoky Eyes by Chanel – Review

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Chanel Eyeshadow Smokey

I wanted to purchase a little eyeshadow palette for smokey eyes in order to take it with me while traveling and so on. As I saw the “les 4 ombres 93 smoky eyes” by Chanel I melted. I couldn’t leave the store without purchasing it because I love Chanel.

Chanel Eyeshadow Smokey1

As I took the palette out of the package (it was a standard black bag with the Chanel symbol) I discovered a nice eyeshadow palette of high quality. Everything looked beautiful. There are four shades in the palette: white with glitter, light grey with glitter, dark grey also with glitter and the black one, which is almost free from glitter. To be honest, I would prefer it to have a shimmer but not that big glitter. Nevertheless the colors look nice.

Chanel smoky eyes

While doing my makeup I noticed that all four shades were rather low pigmented. I just couldn’t get the intensity I had wanted. There was barely a color to see. All I could get out of the colors was THE GLITTER everywhere. It also doesn’t make much difference whether you apply it dry or wet, it´s just little color to see.

Chanel Eyeshadow Smokey swatch


I love Chanel but not this product! The way the Chanel eyeshadow palette looks is really nice but the pigmentation of the shades in it is miserable. Plus, there is glitter in every shade that makes the application rather annoying. The price of the palette (ca. 50 EUR) is way too high for such a product. I am disappointed about it.

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