Less is more: a flattering knit dress for Valentine’s day


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Valentine’s day is just around the corner and that is why I decided to share with you my outfit for this occasion. Though I absolutely love conspicuous fashion pieces, it´s not the best choice for a date for sure. Valentine´s day is not an exception to this rule, so it´s better not to get way too offensive to your fresh love or a partner. In this post, I want to mention some points concerning the right Valentine´s day outfit and why you should pay attention to what you wear on that day.


Sometimes too much is just too much

Every girl’s desire to be most beautiful for her partner is absolutely normal. We all want it. Though, often this desire turns out to be the case of exaggerating everything about how we want to look like. Everything needs to be perfect, the makeup, the hair style, and the dress. What many of us don´t know is the results of psychological studies which showed that men mostly are afraid of perfect women and wouldn´t even think about asking them for a date or starting a relationship. Simply told, men don´t know how to deal with being us perfect and feel very insecure about it. As for many girls, Valentine´s day is the day of the first date and maybe even the start of a relationship, you shouldn´t go way too aggressive for it. Of course, it doesn´t mean that you can wear jeans and chucks for a date in the restaurant. Still, aggressive sexuality is not the right choice on that day.

On Valentine´s day, it makes more sense to show your femininity before showing your sexuality. That´s why you should leave mini dresses or over-sparkling dresses in the wardrobe. Instead, pick something more feminine like lace dresses or pieces with such elements like bows or ruffles.



As for the hair and makeup, it´s also very important. One friend of mine, who is a successful makeup artist said to me once that your makeup should never look like you spent hours doing it. Instead, it should have a touch of “I did it quickly because I have a lot of things to do and I´m perfect as I am”. In fact, everyone notices it when you desperately tried to make your makeup look perfect, especially the eye makeup. So, instead of making the smokey eyes, create a flawless appearance with a beautiful glow, make it look fresh and natural. Even if this natural beauty is just something you helped you with using some makeup products, nobody should know it 😊.


Perfect knit for Valentine´s day

As for me, this time I decided for a simple black knit dress. We are going to one of my favorite restaurants in Dusseldorf. The practical length of the dress is perfect to wear it both with sock-boots and pumps. But why did I decide for this simple dress? Well, it may seem simple at first sight, but it flatters me much more than any mini dress or a deep decollate dress would ever do. Though it´s completely high-necked, it feels like a second skin on the body and repeats every curve. I already tested the power of this dress recently and know what admiring looks it can cause. All I need is a cozy coat in a vivid color to pop this absolute black look a little bit and a little bag and I´m date ready.



I´m wearing: coat by Envii / dress by Zara / booties by Zara / bag by Gucci /  





What is your outfit for Valentine´s day? Do you prefer anything sexy or remain on a romantic side?

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    • Daria
      16. February 2018 / 9:29

      Thanks, Julia! I´m glad you liked them! Also, thank you for your nice words concerning my outfit.

      Wish you a great weekend!


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