Let your dreams come true

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Which techniques and tips of famous life-coaches really work

Hi, beauties! For sure, while reading the title of today´s post you will have to decide for one of two categories. You may get excited and eager to know how to finally make your deepest wishes come true or you may get mad and think that it´s a huge piece of sh..t. Well, I might belong to the second category if I read something like this 😊. Still, I must say that if you hope to find a nice step-by-step guide here, you won´t find it because something like this doesn´t even exist. My own wish-list is still open even after having done a series of webinars called “my dreams on”. Nonetheless, I am pretty sure that there are some things we can do to make our dreams turn into reality. I´ve been focusing on this topic for a long time reading and researching all possible sources. This is how I proved to myself that we definitely can improve our chances of catching our dreams.

Turn your dreams into goals

Though I read it on numerous courses that you shouldn´t mix up goals and dreams, I still think that it´s wrong. Of course, we all should dream and do it regularly, but a dream is something illusionary and not real. That´s why it´s necessary to turn your dreams into goals that will make them realistic. You can dream for twenty years and nothing will happen. Setting a goal, you will take the necessary steps towards achieving it. Even tiny steps are much better than lying on the couch and doing nothing while dreaming. I´m sure that every hard work pays off.

Visualizing helps to turn dreams into reality

Speaking of visualizing I don´t mean its magic power so many people believe in. What I mean is a mental “try-on” of the feeling as if your dream has finally become a reality. No dream will com true if you´re not ready for it, both physically and mentally. Visualizing it, you prep for your coming new reality. Without practicing it, it´s like dreaming of becoming the CEO without even knowing what it takes and what you´ll actually be doing. The same with dreaming of money. You´ll never get a million dollars if you keep thinking and acting like someone who doesn´t even know what to do with that money.

Never stop believing in your dreams

We all meet so much incomprehension from our family members, friends or simply from the society. Especially if you dream of something huge, people mostly will try to make you keep a low profile. But you shouldn´t even bother yourself listening to them because they have their life and you have yours. If you won´t believe in yourself, nobody will! Find more about why you shouldn´t give a damn about what others think about you here. Those tips will make it much simpler for you to concentrate on yourself.

Don´t stress yourself too much

I understood one important thing that you shouldn´t cling to your dreams way too much. Yes, sometimes it´s very difficult to let go and not think all the time of how deeply you want something. Still, doing so, you just put more pressure on yourself which brings nothing except bad mood, frustration, and disappointment. I went through those feelings numerous times and I know how badly they can affect your mental and physical health. The truth is that at the moment I learned to let my dreams go, they started to transform into reality. Here is a little example from my life of how it works for me. I wrote in my daily planner that I wanted to go to the concert of Stone Sour and see Corey Taylor two years ago. At the time, I knew that there were no concerts in Europe announced for 2018 at all. I wrote it down, visualized how cool it would be, closed my daily planner and let the dream go. Two months later I got an email that Stone Sour was going to give some concerts in Europe, three of them in Germany. While purchasing tickets I found out that the band also made a meet & greet. Coincidence? Maybe for someone, but not for me.

Me and Stone Sour (Corey is on my right side)

Last but not least, it doesn´t even matter whether you make your wish-list on the new moon phase (many sources name this moon phase as the best one for making wishes) or how you write them down. It´s all about your personal way of setting your goals which will motivate you to keep going and chasing your dreams.




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