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Hi, my lovelies!

After some really warm and sunny days in Germany the weather changed and now it´s gray and rainy again. Well, no one wonders, as it´s only the beginning of spring and March is always a kind of unpredictable, it can be warm or winterly cold. As for me, my personal spring has officially begun and I don´t want to wear thick and bulky winter clothing anymore. Though I want to look stylish, I don´t want to feel cold either. Many of us want the same, right? This is how I found the Japanese brand Uniqlo and the down jacket I am wearing today. I paid attention on it because of its functionality and nice design. The down jacket is supposed to be worn not only as a light spring jacket but also instead of a warm sweater beneath a coat in winter. I liked the idea so much that I ordered it at once.



Stylish, comfortable, and warm – is it possible?

I could wear this down jacket during February and was surprised how comfortable and light it was. I wore it with a blouse underneath and my winter coat above it. Surprisingly, I could put on even the slimmest coat above it without feeling too tight or uncomfortable. There are so many colors to choose from, so I decided for a functional gray one. I love wearing it with leather pants and a check shirt bound on my waist. Such combination lets it look more casual. A pair of high heel shoes is a must for me because the shirt bound on the waist could make legs look visually shorter. Additionally, I like to combine casual, rocky and sporty styles together.



I´m wearing: down jacket by  Uniqlo; / leather pants by Blue Rags; / turtleneck pullover by Calliope; / Booties by Zara; / checked shirt by Zara; / bag by Massimo Dutti.  


The down jacket is the perfect jacket to travel with, as it can be put in a small storage bag. The storage bag will take no more space in the luggage than three pairs of socks. I am so satisfied with it that I´ve purchased a similar one in the rose color.






How do you like my today´s outfit? What jackets do you prefer for spring?

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  1. It’s a really cool outfit that suits ou very well.
    I like your jacket very much, please make also a picture with the one in the rose color.
    Best wishes

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