Lingerie pieces – the best way to get a stylish outfit

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When you´ll read this blog post, I will be packing for my short trip to Mallorca. Though I was going to fly to Portugal, some things had changed and I had to switch my holiday destination. Still, I want to feel summer a little bit longer and that’s why I decided for Palma. Portugal will remain on my trip list, maybe even next summer. Nonetheless, I’m so excited to be in Mallorca with its gorgeous nature and unique architects, which contains the elements of gothic, modern a Mediterraneanean touches. I also found a nice apartment via Airbnb as I did in Amsterdam in the center of Palma. Of course, I’m also going to shoot some outfits in Mallorca. So, the summer feeling will ransom in my blog a little bit longer.

Everyone can wear lingerie looks and feel comfortable

Though I really like trendy pajama suits, I know that not all girls prefer the lingerie style with its similarity to underwear and sleepwear. Some girls don´t feel comfortable even while wearing lingerie tops and dresses. Such pieces can be a kind of tricky but if you style them correctly, they turn to very feminine and stylish ones instead of looking like you´ve forgotten to change your clothes after waking up too late.

The easiest way wearing a lingerie is wearing a top with a lingerie look with a midi skirt or linen pants like I´m doing in today´s outfit. I decided for the linen pants just because they are very comfortable and stylish to wear in summer and early autumn. In case you still feel insecure about such a top, you can complete the look with a classic blazer which makes it more neutral. Even wearing it with a blazer will make the whole outfit very stylish and casual chic-like.

I’m wearing: top by Mango / pants by Mango / blazer by Zara / sandals by Mango / bag by Patrizia Pepe / earrings and necklace by La /


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Do you prefer wearing lingerie pieces? How do you wear them?

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    • Daria
      24. August 2017 / 11:05

      Thank you!

  1. Sophia
    20. August 2017 / 20:55

    Sehr süßes Oberteil!

    Dein Blog scheint echt interessant und schön zu sein! Ich werde dich auf jeden Fall weiterhin verfolgen. Vielleicht fändest du ja auch die Idee cool sich gegenseitig zu unterstützen.. 🙂 (Blog, Insta, Bloglovin..) Du darfst auch gerne mal bei meinem YouTube Kanal vorbeischauen.. ich habe dort noch nicht soo viele Aufrufe aber freue mich über jeden neuen. Fände es cool von dir zu hören! 🙂

    Blog // YouTube // Instagram // Bloglovin

    • Daria
      24. August 2017 / 11:05

      Danke, liebe Sophia! Sehr gerne werde ich auf deinen Blog “zu Besuch” gehen))).

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