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It´s not a secret that I love make-up products by Kat von D. Recently, I ordered some of them at Sephora USA (unfortunately Kat von D cosmetics is unavailable in Germany). I decided for three long-lasting lipsticks in three different shades. I was surprised about how fast I received my package from the USA. It took less than a week and I could test my long-wished products.


As for the lipsticks I ordered, its package is fantastic. To say the truth, I am a huge fan of beautiful and unusual packaging. These lipsticks have the most beautiful package I´ve even seen. It´s so stylish, rocky and eye-catching.

I chose three shades from the whole shade palette and I have to admit that my choice hadn´t been easy as there were so many gorgeous shades. So I purchased the shade “Gothica”, which is very unusual brown shade with micro shiny particles. The second one was a classical red in the shade “countess” and the third one was my personal perfect nude shade “noble”. Girls, I just fell in love with these gorgeous lipsticks first time I tried them. They smell like vanilla, which is one of my favorite smells ever. The quality of the product is A plus as all three shades are high pigmented and look beautifully on the lips. They do not dry out my lips and remain for hours. As for me, I like them much more than the liquid long-lasting lipsticks as they are much easier to apply. It´s so pity we don´t have them in Germany. I would definitely purchase more of them. They are so worth it!



The lipsticks by Kat von D from the collection „studded kiss“ are gorgeous. I like everything about them, their quality, their beautiful packaging, the way they smell and how long-lasting and comfortable to wear they are. These lipsticks have become my favorite and I don´t want to miss them. The only bad thing is that I cannot buy them here in Germany.


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    1. Thank you so much! Well, I wear gothica in my post “Overknees in fall = trendy outfit”. There is a portrait photo where one can see this shade quite well.

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